How to De-stress Your Space This Season

End this year off strong and avoid those winter blues with these tips to de-stress your space

End this year off strong and avoid those winter blues with these tips to de-stress your space

Who said cleaning can only happen in spring? We’re starting a petition for a fall overhaula time to reduce clutter and refresh your space.

With holiday parties and Christmas festivities just around the corner, there’s no better time to de-stress your space. Here’s how…


1. Burn a candle

Candles can be a source of comfort as they exude scents that become synonymous with your home. Signature scents can be an identity for many, and as they create this sense of comfort, others can be inspired by the peace they bring. After a long day at work or after hosting a busy family dinner, dimming the lights and sparking a few candles is one of the best ways to decompress.


2. Add plants and greenery

Whether they’re faux or real, plants and greenery can transform a house into a home. Providing an organic and natural element to any space, plants help create a warm, welcoming environment that breeds calmness and serenity. They also add a modern pop of colour to the current all-white decor trend. Tending to real plants, watering and nurturing them, can also be a relaxing pastime for some.


3. Hang inspiring artwork

A print with a meaningful quote is something that can easily be incorporated into offices and bedrooms to inspire positivity and motivation. It’s important that this phrase or saying is personal to you and something you believe in because it will serve as daily encouragement. This type of art can come in various formsfrom canvas to framed photos or even letter boards that allow you to customize your own saying each day.


4. Pick a doormat that makes you smile

Encourage a stress-free environment right from your doorstep. Whether it’s the delivery man bringing you your latest Amazon order, or the local Girl Guides selling their to-die-for peppermint cookies, a doormat can be the perfect way to make someone smile. A friendly doormat can brighten your day and serve as a warm welcome to all your guests.