How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day As A Singleton

Just because you're single doesn't mean Valentine's Day has to be a pity party

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Celebrate the single life this Valentine’s Day

Yep, you could sit at home in your flannel pyjamas, eating a tub of ice cream while watching some cheesy rom-com. Or, you could rejoice in the fact that you’re single, reveling in the freedom your solo status grants you. This Valentine’s Day, don’t let PDA-flaunting couples get in your way. Do something to celebrate your singledom. 

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Take A Spa Day

You have one of two options here: head out to the spa or bring it home to you.

The probabilities are high that you are not the only single gal in your group of friends, and the best way to celebrate being single is with like-minded individuals. Grab a few of them and head down to the spa for some treatments. Consider getting a facial or a mani and pedi to brighten your day.

If you’d rather have a spa moment to yourself, pour a glass of champagne and draw yourself a bubble bath. Turn on some soothing music and just relax.

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Go Shopping

Who says you need a special person in your life to buy you something nice? You’re perfectly capable of picking up something for yourself. Plus, if you get to buy it, then you know you’ll be getting what you really want.

Take yourself out on a little shopping date this Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to purchase that little something special you’ve been dying to have. Valentine’s Day is not the day for practicality, so pick up something indulgent like those earrings you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it.

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Have A Drink

Instead of going to your local bar for drinks, host a party for singles at your place this year. Have all attendees bring the ingredients for their favourite drink, and maybe an appie or two, and have your own little tasting event. This party will require a little planning so that no one brings the same thing, but the fun will be worth it.

Throw on some tunes, take some photos and create some great single memories. You may just enjoy them five years from now.

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Play Tourist for the Day

Vancouver is an amazing city, and those of us lucky enough to live here sometimes take it for granted, so why not take the day to celebrate your city.

Take a tour through the Museum of Vancouver or the Vancouver Art Gallery. Walk, bike or rollerblade along the Seawall. The views from this landmark are truly amazing. Stop off at that new restaurant around the corner that you’ve been meaning to try. Or, take up residence at your favourite eatery and try something new on the menu. Have drinks at the Pan Pacific Hotel or head to Granville Island and catch a comedy show at the Improve Centre. Even better, do all three.

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Take a Sick Day

Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday this year, so ditch work and take the day for yourself (no one has to know). Sleep in, make yourself some decadent pancakes or drop in on a spin class. Do whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t had the time for. You’ve made this your day, so do whatever it is you want. Productive or unproductive, it doesn’t matter. Just make yourself a promise that you’ll have no regrets when it’s over.