An Indian Head Massage Can Restore Your Body’s Functions

Find out how an Indian Head Massage can cure insomnia, headaches, relieve stiff muscles and improve circulation

Credit: 4 Angels Beauty Care

A quick search for ‘Indian Head Massage’ on YouTube will bring you the joyful theatrics of Baba in his little makeshift salon, furiously beating and tickling the heads of local and international visitors who have dropped in for a shave, a haircut – or Baba’s world famous head massage. While you may wonder how having your head pummelled can transform your state of being, Baba’s clients emerge looking both sleepy and energized.

Thankfully, Baba’s version of the head massage is a little more ambitious than the real thing and increasing popularity means there are plenty of spas closer to home that offer a true ‘Indian Head Massage.’ Also known as ‘Champissage’, the massage is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that focuses on the centres of energy in our body, the three chakras: throat, third eye (forehead) and crown. It’s believed this massage can restore the body’s functions by curing insomnia, headaches, relieving stiff muscles and improving circulation, among many other benefits.

Plus, you will leave the spa with a sense of tranquility and maybe even better hair. If your hair is dehydrated, using oils can help bring life and lustre back to your locks. For those who love having your hair brushed or played with, this is heaven.

The massage itself is not unlike having your hair washed at the salon, but with some unexpected variation. Expect to have your ears tugged and a series of knocks, taps and pats gently drummed against your temples. The head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms are all massaged – the very areas in which we tend to hold tension.

Enjoy – and if you’ve opted to have your hair oiled, you may want to consider bringing something to cover your head when you leave.

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