How to Keep a Relationship Fresh

If your relationship is lacking in the excitement department, introduce some variety with these helpful tips

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If you don’t put in the effort, your relationship is in danger of flatlining

Keep your relationship from going stale with these helpful tips

My husband and I are starting to feel like an old married couple. Any ideas for putting the spice back into our love life?
 – T.W., Vancouver

  • It’s no secret that older couples and those who’ve been together for a while often experience doldrums and boredom in the relationship. So how do you keep it sexy when you’re no longer 20? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Do something new with your partner to break the routine — walk somewhere new, try a new restaurant, holiday location, anything. Relationships are exciting in the beginning, so recreate some of that excitement.

  • Buy each other little gifts or send notes to each other. Handwritten “thinking of you notes” are a great surprise — slip them in your partner’s lunch bag, briefcase, etc. 

  • Schedule regular date nights. Just because the honeymoon stage is over, it doesn’t mean you should stop acting like new lovers. Put on your sexy black dress and flirt with your partner as if you’re meeting him for the first time.

  • Schedule a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a night, weekend or week away, create some just-the-two-of-you time.

  • Give each other some space. Make it okay to spend time apart and encourage it — you will appreciate each other more.

  • Remember what you love about your partner. Put together a “25 reasons why I love you” list. Reminisce and think about your favourite holidays, vacations and moments together.

Susan Seminew, head matchmaker and love coach at Vancouver matchmaking service Divine Intervention, and regular guest on Shaw TV’s Urban Rush and Studio 4.

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