Revitalizing organic massage at Vancouver’s Sabai Thai Spa works body naturally

Experience the Nuad Boran, a thoroughly relaxing massage that couldn't get more organic if it tried.

Credit: Flickr / Sandra Garcia

Organic Thai Massage at Sabai Thai Spa in Vancouver

Thai Massage

Sabai Thai Spa’s Coal Harbour location stuns the senses


My parents think that people who are deserving of massages on a regular basis are those who either work on a farm daily or operate heavy machinery at bizarre hours in the morning.
I’d like to disagree. I carry a heavy laptop (circa 2008) to work every day, go for long runs regularly (finished my first marathon in May) and sit at my desk in a lame posture, sometimes for what seems like days. Doesn’t this qualify me as an appropriate candidate for getting a good rubdown?

Sabai Thai Spa

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That’s why I’m always game for reviewing a new massage service offered in Vancouver. When Sabai Thai Spa in Coal Harbour invited me to try their Traditional Thai massage, I could hardly wait. Unlike other massages, this one goes back thousands of years (the Buddha might have tried this one, but don’t quote me on that) and uses one’s own body to do the work.

The art of ancient healing

Called Nuad Boran, the massage couldn’t get any more organic and down-to-earth if it tried. Using only the weight of your own body, the massage therapist gently applies pressure to the muscles and sort out all the misaligned bits, one painful position at a time. Lying on a king-sized bed in loose-fitted clothing, you immediately start relaxing. 
For me, the fact that I had to work with the masseuse and help her stretch my legs, almost over my head at times, was engaging. But if you’re not into doing a lot of work during your treatment, this one might not be for you. The acupressure, stretch-poses and Pilates-like movements get to the core of the tightness. The massage unknots, untangles and opens the energy chakras of the body (explanations come with the massage). There may be some pain in the process, but ultimately it’s pleasure for the stressed body.

Sabai Thai uses skincare products that contain only natural ingredients.


Natural, organic skincare

The spa is also dedicated to using only the purest skincare and body wellness ingredients. Their manicures and pedicures are done with nail polish from the vegan line Sparitual. Other body products carried include Langley’s own Tuscan Farm Gardens, the Macadamia Natural Oil line and Eminence, an organic skincare line from Hungary. 
If you’re in the mood for something really exotic, the Nuad Pra Kob massage uses an organic, steamed herbal compress to add heat, fragrance and something special to your massage. The essential oils of cumin, lemongrass, turmeric, plai and ginger may reduce cellulite dimples because they improve circulation. The pouch could even be used as an aromatic room deodorant. Upcycling much?