Build Up Your Immune System This Cold and Flu Season

Seven expert tips to keep you healthy and strong this winter

Robin Szakacs and Dr. Heidi Rootes from The IV Wellness Boutique offer up pointers to help you support your immune system

Get plenty of rest

Stay balanced this season by prioritizing rest and relaxation. Even when you’re busy, you need to make sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. Don’t let sleep deprivation cause you to catch a bug that’ll knock you down for the count.

Cover up

Cover up in cold weather, especially the back of your neck. Try a turtleneck or a cozy scarf to keep you warm and stylish. Aim to keep your core body temperature consistent by avoiding becoming really chilled or overexposed to the outdoor elements.

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Stay active

Keep your body moving. Exercise gives you the biggest bang for your buck in supporting your immune system. And if you love the activity, then you will be reducing stress too. Carve out at least 20 minutes per day to stay fit, knowing you’re doing your body some good.

Eat a rainbow

Whole fruits and veggies provide your body with biologically active compounds that plants themselves use to fend off bacteria and viruses. Some of the best are mushrooms, garlic and onions. Bring on warming soups and stews.

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Wash your hands

Since we are spending more time indoors, our immune systems are challenged fighting off new viruses and bacteria. Handwashing with hot water and soap frequently throughout the day is helpful. Also refrain from sharing food or drinks.

Stock up on vitamin D

This vitamin/hormone plays an important role in immune system regulation. If you are deficient, which many of us are, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable to viruses and bacteria that cause colds and flus. Vitamin D is also an important component of The IV’s Booster Shot, which I highly recommend. There’s also a liquid form of vitamin D that I suggest that’s available at The IV Wellness Boutique.

Limit your stress

Try to keep you stress levels under control since emotional stress causes negative physical reactions whereby the body releases adrenaline and cortisol which hinders your immune system’s ability to respond effectively. So try not to sweat the small stuff and laugh often. Studies have shown that laughing not only reduces stress but also raises the levels of infection fighting antibodies.