5 Reasons to Aim for Zero Waste

Reencle is the modern way to upgrade your green bin and quickly achieve zero waste

Reencle is the modern way to upgrade your green bin and quickly achieve zero waste

For those interested in replacing their compost bins in pursuit of a zero waste lifestyle, Reencle provides an undeniably superior alternative. Available for residential or commercial use, Reencle by Acme Green Solutions Inc. breaks down food waste and quickly transforms it into nutrient-rich soil. Acme Green Solutions Inc. is well-known for their advances in food waste innovations and for providing groundbreaking technology and eco-friendly products to consumers.

Here are five reasons to consider upgrading your traditional green bin for the sleek and modern sophistication of Reencle…

1. It’s energy efficient and convenient

Reencle makes the disposal of food scraps an effortless endeavour. Odourless and boasting low noise levels (below 35 decibels for both residential and commercial), this appliance is the clear choice for those in search of a convenient way to cut down on and reuse food waste. Reencle is also energy efficient and boasts the impressively low energy consumption rate of 1.6 kilowatts for the residential and commercial versions. The appliance is semi-permanent and does not require additional—and often expensive—purchases (such as filters) to continue to operate effectively. If you are ready to skip the hassle of dragging your compost bin to the curb or the constant emptying of smaller bins, Reencle is the perfect addition to your modern kitchen.

2. Zero waste can be achieved faster than ever

By utilizing advanced microorganism technology, Acme Green has created an elite food waste appliance to elevate the process of breaking down compostable food at a rapid pace—within just three to five hours. For restaurants, grocery stores, wholesalers and retailers, the commercial Reencle provides an elevated method to achieve zero waste. The residential Reencle also provides an advanced way for eco-savvy consumers to do the exact same thing in the comfort of their own homes.

3. It handles large volumes with ease

As a large volume food waste machine, Reencle is ideal for quickly breaking down food scraps and handling larger quantities with the utmost efficiency. The powerful commercial appliance is capable of breaking down a maximum of 44 pounds at once while the residential version can handle 2.2 pounds at a time. Now available for pre-order, it is currently being used by many cutting-edge facilities in municipalities across British Columbia. This clean and modern appliance complements any kitchen and is already earning rave reviews from esteemed business owners.

4. You can create your own natural fertilizer

For someone with a green thumb, Reencle’s ability to transform food waste into an organic fertilizer is sure to impress. Providing a unique production method for high quality soil, this appliance appeals to a wide variety of clients pursuing sustainability and embracing an innovative kitchen lifestyle.

5. It’s environmentally friendly and affordable

Reencle undoubtedly provides a wealth of environmental advantages. Not only does using this sophisticated appliance help to significantly cut down on landfill disposal, it also lessens greenhouse gas production. In addition, providing a natural fertilizer for plants recycles vital nutrients directly back into the ecosystem.

Currently, the residential Reencle retails for the competitive price of $999. However, Acme Green Solutions Inc. is now offering a discount of $100 by using the code BC2020 for a limited time. With an unbelievable offer like this, there’s never been a better opportunity to embrace an improved method of composting and the next level of food waste disposal.