At Home with BC Lions’ Centre Angus Reid

Angus Reid shares the view from his home away from the field

BC Lions’ centre Angus Reid dishes on his kitchen, bedroom and favourite things

BC Lions’ centre Angus Reid feels at home on the field. Having played professional football for over a decade, he’s been an all star and team captain. As centre, he helped propel the team to Grey Cup victory in 2006. Here, Reid talks about his other home

“I live in Richmond, which is where I grew up. It’s 15 minutes to Vancouver, 20 minutes to football practice in Surrey, and four minutes to the airport. I need easy access not only for football, but my screen-printing/embroidery business and speaking engagements. I purchased a newly built condo two years ago in a quickly developing community, so I felt it would be a good investment. It has two bedrooms and den in 1,400 square feet. I live with my wife.” 

“When you come to our home, you immediately feel that it’s a casual, fun-loving place, usually with aromas of good food cooking. It is a reflection of my home while growing up, where my mother worked full-time but was there to make six kids – and often our friends – meals. We spend time in the living room, watching movies and reading on a large, hand-built, comfy couch from Stylus Made to Order Sofas. We entertain friends, and there’s lots of chatting; with four older brothers, I learned to speak loudly and not be shy. Since I play centre, telling everybody what to do is a natural fit for me.”

Angus Reid in the Kitchen

“I like our new kitchen, an open-concept [room] with lots of space and quality appliances, where my wife and I cook. People might think football players don’t cook, but you don’t get to 300 pounds without it. We love to make it a part of our evening – a fun hour of preparation spent together. We’ll be side by side, chopping, cutting and grating food, with music playing.” 

“We do a lot of theme eating, like Mexican night or pizza night. One reason we cook most meals at home is because I had digestion trouble in the past. We get creative, making adjustments according to what works for me while still making it delicious. For example, we can make pizza with fresh chicken and mostly vegetables. A favourite meal after a game is a prime steak with mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, and steamed broccoli. I’m as health conscious as a 300-pound person can be. I eat a lot, since being big comes with my job, and I weight train so much that I come home starving.” 

Angus Reid in the Bedroom

“My favourite piece of furniture is my bed. Coming home from a tough football game, there’s nothing more important than having a quality mattress to sleep on. It is a queen-size Sealy Posturepedic South Beach Correct Comfort mattress and the most comfortable bed I have ever lain on. Ask anyone who’s a “decent weight” and they’ll tell you that a good bed is a lifesaver.”

“Football memorabilia is displayed in our second bedroom, converted to an office, which has my college football helmet, the Lions jersey worn when we won the Grey Cup, framed photos from high school and college teams, and milestone career shots. It’s a way to remember where I’ve been. I have two brothers who also played pro ball. I wasn’t the most athletic in the family, had a small frame compared to most players, and missed most of college football due to serious digestion issues. I will never forget struggling to get back to health and play football, which now makes me appreciate each day. (As an adolescent, Reid’s appendix burst, and at 20, he lost 100 pounds due to constant, acute stomach pain.) I do many speaking engagements now to motivate kids to live their dreams, make the most of themselves, and persevere through difficult times.”

4 Things Angus Can’t Live without at Home

  1. 1980s music: I’m only 34, but because I had to constantly listen to four older brothers’ favourite tunes, they became mine, too. 

  2. A shoe closet: I informally collect shoes, especially for sports, and have a lot more than I need.

  3. My blender: A Breville Ikon 550, and 
a good friend. I make shakes with banana, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, and protein powder each morning after training. 

  4. A wok: We stirfry often – adding lots of veggies and garlic to meat – which makes it fun and exciting to cook healthier meals.

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