Green cleaning products

How to get your home ship-shape, plus our three favourite eco-friendly cleaners.

Credit: Uncleweed

Clean smells like nothing! Eco-friendly cleaning products and strategies for a clean and healthy home


I grew up thinking that clean smelled like ammonia while wiping the glass kitchen table for my family after eating dinner. This was how we did it. But we were wrong… Clean smells like nothing! Clean doesn’t smell at all.


Over the last few years, I’ve helped to put thousands of green cleaning kits into people’s new homes, one gift at a time introducing people to new ways to keep a clean and healthy home. The two no longer need to be mutually exclusive.


Top 3 eco-friendly cleaning products

Having tested dozens of green and non-green cleaning products, I’d say there are three that stand out in my mind as leaders in the local market. I like these products because they not only work but also benefit our health, community and society in various ways.


You’ll find all of the following products in my home for these reasons:


1. Sapadilla

North Vancouver-based eco-friendly cleaning supplies manufacturer Sapadilla gets it


2. Live for Tomorrow

Live for Tomorrow is taking green cleaning to the next level and focusing on education and awareness


3. Method

Method cleaning products are a good ‘light green’ cleaning option


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Tips for green cleaning

1) Be realistic. Yes, there are easy eco-friendly cleaning hacks to make your own green cleaning products from common household items like vinegar and baking soda, but doing so takes time, commitment and changes to behaviour. If you’re not the type of person to take initiative for change, you might want to consider buying off-the-counter products to make things easy.


2) Get the help you need. Cleaning services such as Aspen Clean and Simply Green EcoClean, serving Vancouver and surrounding areas, help busy people keep clean and healthy homes. Every cleaning company is different so you should ask questions and be clear about what they will and will not do, including what cleaning products they use. As a bachelor, my roommate and I have had a hard time keeping our place as clean as we’d like so we’re trying out home cleaning services to help us get and keep the results we want. I’ll keep you posted!


3) Convenience. If it’s not easy, chances are it’ll be harder to make it stick. Choose a green cleaning option that’s realistic. Making your own green cleaning products is the healthiest, most cost-effective option, but it takes extra time and also more effort, so there are plenty of products on the market that help you reduce the impact to the environment and minimizing the elbow grease required.


The products I recommend above come tested and true; they’ve worked for me in my home, and I hope you find some new things that are worth a try. Have fun with it—if it’s not fun, it’s not worth it!