Review’d: Bamboo charcoal pillows

Bamboo charcoal pillows are said to reduce stress, but are they comfortable?

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Bamboo charcoal pillows are naturally antibacterial and are said to reduce stress, but are they comfortable?

Part of a series of reviews on natural-fibre pillows by Carmen Spagnola

There are many, many claims made about the benefits of bamboo charcoal pillows, but I have yet to see one that claims to be comfortable. I have found this to be for good reason.

A relative of mine was hyper-concerned about creating an eco-friendly sleeping environment for me when I went to visit. It was so sweet and I felt like such a jerk since, obviously, at some point, I must have scarred her with a rant spurring her to go out of her way to win my “eco-approval.” The bamboo charcoal pillow seemed like a good idea, but, well, let’s just say I didn’t sleep all that great that night…


Pros & cons of bamboo charcoal pillows

Bamboo charcoal releases negative ions, which helps to relieve tension, stress and anxiety by balancing all those positive ions released by electronics in the home.

It is also naturally antibacterial and humidity-regulating, which is definitely a plus considering we release a pint of moisture each night through exhalation and sweat.

There are also many claims made about its emission of far-infrared rays, which promote good circulation, and management of EMFs—but, ultimately, such concerns are not what keep me up at night; a sore neck does.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I got from this pillow. I would check about the store’s return policy before buying, as often pillows are non-returnable because of their intimate nature.

Also, while I have found that most pure natural latex pillows and natural wool pillows come with organic cotton covers, this has rarely been the case with the bamboo charcoal pillows I have seen on the market, which are frequently covered in either conventional cotton or a conventional cotton/bamboo blend.


Natural bambool charcoal pillows available at:

Dreamakers on Broadway in Vancouver


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