10 Essential Winter Beauty and Skincare Products

Winter comes with specific winter skincare needs, so we've rounded up our favourite products to both indulge in and remedy with

This is always a fun season for skincare and makeup

The winter months are overflowing with new products, textures and colours. Find the joy in experimenting while knowing you’re taking care of yourself. Winter comes with specific winter skincare needs, so read on for our favourite products to both indulge in and remedy with.

1. Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani, $82Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani

This foundation actually lives up to the raves. The texture is incredibly lightweight, almost watery, and is nearly undetectable on the faceit feels like nothing and it looks like nothing, leaving your skin even-toned and smooth. The packaging, of course, is beautiful. Housed in a heavyweight glass jar, with a pump dispenser and lid. Using the pump is also a relief in that it gently dispenses the product and allows you to easily control the amount if you just want a partial pump. It’s available in 40 shades and applies beautifully, but the more skincare you have on underneath (for example, sunscreen), the more delicate you want to be with application to avoid pilling.
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2. Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss in Black Honey by Clinique, $28

Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss in Black Honey by CliniqueBlack Honey is an iconic shade that was first introduced in 1971 and cycles through popularity every couple of years. This new lip gloss had a soft launch several months ago, but it wasn’t until this Glamzilla TikTok went viral that the new formula caught everybody’s attentionand it has been almost continuously sold out ever since. Made with hyaluronic acid, aloe butter, avocado butter and shea butter, this gloss is more like a thick lip oil with the added benefit of this universally flattering colour. It’ll become a nourishing winter lip staple, if you can get it (sorry).
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3. Stay All Day ArtiStix Graphic Liner by Stila Cosmetics, $29

Stay All Day ArtiStix Graphic Liner by Stila CosmeticsWhether you’re looking for maximum impact for an evening out, or are inspired by Euphoria, these colourful liners allow you to easily create a mood by using them as a graphic eyeliner or smudgy eyeshadow. Definitely practice before heading out because you’ll probably start to get creative with these bold, playful colours. From vivid, powerful greens, purples and blues to luxurious, playful reds, silvers and golds, these will stay on your eyelids until you take them off (again, practice). Comes in 12 saturated shades.
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4. Serum Composition No.1 by Auteur, $1,650

Serum Composition No.1 by AuteurThis is a luxury German skincare line that uses peptides and photoactives to repair and “future-proof” your skin. Already rhapsodized by New York Magazine and Vogue, Auteur is a young brand that’s making massive impact with people who test and critique skincare for a living. Serum Composition No. 1 is their star product. At a hefty price tag, it’s definitely an investment—but know that this is packed full of ingredients that easily take the place of multiple serums. It contains over 40 active ingredients, including five different peptides, retinol and lactic acid to enhance cellular regeneration and restore skin’s ability to achieve its optimal function and appearance.
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5. Shark FlexStyle by Shark Beauty, $349.99Shark FlexStyle by Shark Beauty

This is the dupe you’ve all been waiting for. And, yes, it really does work. It works as a powerful hair dryer (with diffuser attachment) if that’s all you wantbut with the added “auto wrap curlers”, it will also curl your hair using the coanda effect (where flow along a solid surface tends to “stick” to the surface). The wand is also able to bend 90 degrees so it’s comfortable to hold for extended periods. It reaches temperatures higher than other similar devices, meaning curls and styles tend to last a lot longer. The set comes with an assortment of attachments and styling tools, providing you with five ways to style and experiment with looks.
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6. PHA Renewal Pads by Neostrata, $60 (60 count)PHA Renewal Pads by Neostrata

PHA is polhydroxy acid, similar to alphahydroxy acid (AHA) and betahydroxy acid (BHA), but with larger molecules, meaning they don’t absorb as deeply into the skin, making them far less irritating. These new pads are pre-soaked with the perfect amount (4% BHA) for swiping onto your face and body. They’ll gently yet effectively resurface dull skill, uncovering healthier looking skin and reveal more even skin tone and texture, all without disrupting the skin’s moisture barrier. If you found AHA or BHA a bit too aggressive in the past, give these a go. They’ll definitely help with winter’s ashy skin.
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7. Majestic Holiday Nails by Kiss, $21.99Majestic Holiday Nails by Kiss

No time for a professional salon visit? Faking it has never been easier. The Majestic line of fake nails by Kiss will have your tips bejewelled and bedazzled (in the best sense) within minutes. The key to making these last is to always use the prep pad, ensuring your nail beds are free of oil before adding the nails. This will ensure a good bond with the adhesive.
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8. Skin Relief Moisturizing Body Lotion by Aveeno, $16.88Skin Relief Moisturizing Body Lotion by Aveeno

When your skin is visibly dry and physically peeling or even cracking, this is the body lotion you should be reaching for. It’s thick and cushiony, instantly relieving the itchiest of skin. It contains Aveeno’s triple oat complex as well as creamy shea butter and can even be used on the face. If you develop mystery dry or red patches on your face during the winter, try this on top of any irritated areas (don’t worry, it’s unscented). It’s also an incredible hand cream if you’re washing your hands multiple times a day (aren’t we all?). This is the winter wonder that will keep you feeling comfortable in your own skin.
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9. Probiotic Exfoliating Powder for Face and Scalp by boscia, $54Probiotic Exfoliating Powder for Face and Scalp by boscia

As a scalp treatment, this is easy to use, spreads nicely and leaves the scalp and hair feeling clean but not stripped. If you have red bumps or irritated spots on your scalp, you need a treatment to help soothe the inflammation. This probiotic powder comes in a plastic container with the twist cover that allows you to shake out what you need. Sprinkle about a loonie size amount into your palm, add some water to create a thin paste, then use fingers to part your hair, squishing some paste into the part-line and repeat every inch or so until you’ve covered most of your head. Then gently massage your head, working into a lather. Leave it on for as long as possible so the probiotics can do their job. If you have thin or not particularly dirty hair, this might be all you need for cleansing, but if needed, follow up with a shampoo, then condition as usual. This powder contains salicylic acid, charcoal and rice to gently exfoliate, decongest and clarify the scalp from daily build-up, leaving your scalp feeling renewed and hair noticeably happier. Dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and safe for colour-treated hair.
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10. XeraCalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil by Eau Thermale Avène, $27.50XeraCalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil by Eau Thermale Avène

One of the nicest, most luxurious rituals of winter is switching to a cleansing body oil. Cold and dry winter air can cause itchy, inflamed skin and even trigger eczema flareups. Cleansing oils like this one gently cleanse, moisturize and relieve dry, irritated skin. This oil is a rich, silky texture that’s an absolute treat over the entire body, instantly soothing skin and making it more comfortable all day.
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