10 Vancouver Hairstylists to Have on Speed Dial

Looking for a trim, a dye job or a blowout? These stylists will whip your mane into something spectacular

Looking for the best hairdresser in Vancouver? These 10 stylists are a safe bet

The task of finding a hairstylist you can trust continues to be one of life’s great difficulties. (See also: finding a warm yet attractive winter jacket, learning to poach an egg and knowing the difference between a macaron and a macaroon.)

In order to make the search slightly less painful for you, we opened it up to the public to suggest the who’s-who when it comes to crafting covetable tresses. The result: 10 of Vancouver’s most-talked about stylists.

So before you sit down in a stranger’s chair to play Russian roulette with your crown of glory, take a peek at this list of sure bets. 

Nadia Albano, Nadia Albano Style

In a world where awkward conversation with your hairdresser runs rampant, Nadia Albano comes to the rescue. We’ve never met a hair stylist as genuinely likeable, personable and talented as Nadia: she’s the whole package. Having been featured in countless magazines, photo shoots, and fashion shows, Nadia has solidified her status as an authority within the industry. If there’s one person to trust with scissors, it’s this girl.

1874 W 1st Ave #4, Vancouver, 604.682.3016

Taylor Smits, Aveda Tonic

There are a million reasons to brag about Taylor’s skills (which are aplenty) but we’ll narrow it down to just two. Firstly, this is the man to see if you’re looking to rejuvenate your hair. Dry, damaged, or just plain dull? Go see Taylor at Aveda Tonic – he’s a master at resuscitating your strands. Last, but most certainly not least, this is a man who cares about his clients. He’ll never make you feel rushed, he pays attentions to your specific requests and he is always there to offer an educated opinion in times of need.

2714 Granville St, Vancouver, 604.697.9227

Chad Taylor, Moods Hair Salon

As the co-owner of Moods, one of Vancouver’s top salons, it’s safe to say that Chad is one gentleman who deserves our respect and admiration – he was named the Top Canadian Hairstylist in 2010 and was a finalist in 2013.  With 20 years of experience under his belt, Chad has achieved hair expert status, and continues to impress us with his professionalism visit after visit. When he’s not busy turning out Vancouver’s most touchable tresses, you can be sure to find Chad in either Paris or New York – working during Fashion Week, of course.

1070 Mainland St, Vancouver, 604.688.1574

Leo Tioseco, Style Lab Headquarters

Owner and much-talked-about hairstylist Leo Tioseco knows what’s up when it comes to the art of cut and colour. Based in Yaletown, Leo has garnered himself a strong following, and deservedly so. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s trending right now and has the skill to execute it. So sit back, relax, and let Leo get to snippin’. 

851 Beatty St Vancouver, 604.331.6981


Chau Vo, Citrus Hair Salon

Those who prefer the safe route when it comes to hair need not apply – Chau Vo is for the glamorous types with bombshell ambitions. Having worked on a multitude of celebrities and models (including the Vancouver Housewives), he is one of the few hairdressers in Vancouver you can place your complete faith in. Chau’s keen eye for fashion, beauty and all things in vogue is what allows him to achieve beyond beautiful and chic results for his clients at Citrus Hair Salon. We’ve never left his chair without feeling refreshed, elevated, and 10 times more confident.

Chau is an independent agent and books his own appointments. Call 604-506-0924 to book.

Credit: iDaburn

Vicky, iDaburn

For all of the blondes looking to have more fun, we suggest that you make a beeline for Vicky at iDaburn. She’s known for bringing the best out of fair-haired locks and can ombre with the best of them. On top of that, Vicky is a holy grail of information when it comes to choosing the right products for your hair type. The combination of her knowledge and talent makes for some seriously enviable results.

1073 Cambie St, Vancouver, 604.694.0639

Michael Gibson, Brush Salon

Michael Gibson first caught our eye when we realized he was the mastermind behind some of the most impressive bleach work we’ve ever seen. Aside from being able to strike just the right tone, Michael also somehow manages to make each of his clients look as though they were born with the best head of hair ever.

62 W Cordova St, Vancouver, 604.559.1737

Jamie Layno, Holt Renfrew Salon

Jamie Layno earns her spot on this list by being flat-out incredible at what she does. Every client that has ever sat in her chair has come away from the appointment with nothing but praise. Jamie’s cuts, colour and blowout abilities are nothing short of stellar, which is why she acts as one of the directors at Holt Renfrew’s Salon and Spa. Beyond technical skill, Jamie is lovely, invested in the results of her clientele and has a penchant for detailed perfection.

737 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, 604.681.3121

Iris Mulvena, The Lounge Hair Studio

The majority of us have been cursed with a terrible haircut (or five) in our lifetimes. These occurrences can be painful, and often look nothing like what we asked for. In order to avoid said experiences, please book an appointment with Iris at Lounge Hair Studio. She – get this – actually listens to you. Hairdressers are known for taking liberties, but not Iris. She’s on your side and wants to give you the most practical, attractive haircut possible. She’s also a wiz with colour, which is just the cherry on top.

1116 Richards Street, Vancouver, 604.602.7688

Rich Hope, Belmont Barbershop

Rich is one of those guys who make everything look cool. Fortunately for his clients, this talent transfers over to the work he does at the Belmont Barbershop in Mount Pleasant. Committed to classicism, Rich is our go-to guy when it comes to satisfying old-school barbershop yearnings. He has a knack for making men look sharp and effortlessly attractive. Bonus: The atmosphere he provides for his clientele is unparalleled, which is to say that Rich makes a mean espresso.

111 E Broadway, Vancouver, 604.568.6238