12 Beauty Products to Maintain Those Summer Vibes

With summer in full swing, strip your morning routine back to the basics

With summer in full swing, strip your morning routine back to the basics

We get it. It’s summer. No one’s got time for high-maintenance looks. The theme for this season is laid-back beauty and multi-tasking skincare. Between rising temperatures and the call of the patio, these products will reduce your prep time without compromising your model-off-duty vibes.

Here are our top dozen products to keep you glowing all summer…

1. Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel by St. Tropez

The 2.0 version of last year’s successful Bronzing Water Mousse, this year’s iteration is a gel formula and contains hyularonic acid to keep skin hydrated. it’s incredibly lightweight and liquefies upon contact with skin, making application quick and easy. The gel absorbs instantly, and develops into a golden hue within three hours.
Available at Sephora, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and other drug stores, $54

2. The Perfect Sunscreen-1 SPF30 by Consonant Skincare

Yes, it’s about as perfect a sunscreen as I’ve ever tried. This is a natural, mineral-based sunscreen containing micronized zinc oxide and titanium oxide and comes in hygienic pump packaging. It’s also lightly tinted to mask any potential ashiness so no worries about the dreaded white cast that’s often the compromise that comes with physical sunscreens. Combo and oily skins can get away with using this as their moisturizer, as it contains rice bran oil, grapeseed oil and aloe extracts, though drier skins will probably still need a base layer of hydration. And Consonant Skincare is Canadian!
Available online, starting at $16

3. Anti-wrinkle Facial Patches by Frownies

The name says it all. Frowniespatented in 1889!are essentially stickers you place over areas of your face that habitually form wrinkles while your sleep those furrowed “11s”, crow’s feet, laugh lines, etc. Just tear along the perforations (or cut custom-sized shapes), lightly wet the side with adhesive, and place over smoothed skin. The stiff paper acts like a splint, keeping your skin taught and smooth overnight, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 
Available at most local medi-spas or Amazon.ca or frownies.com, starting at $34.95

4. Tattoo Studio Gel Pencil Liner by Maybelline

Even on the oiliest, sweatiest of eyelids, this liner barely budges. It’s hard to believe that a liner that’s this smooth and softa dream to apply even to the lashline and waterlinecan have this much hold. Colours are deeply pigmented, the pencil comes with a sharpener and the formulation is waterproof. This is a new year-round staple… and definitely a summer essential.
Available at select drug stores, $10.99

5. Renewing SA Cream and Lotion by Cerave

Are you the type of person who comes back after wearing shorts for the day, covered in small mystery scrapes and scratches? Or bumps on your arms from too much sun or as a reaction to sunscreen? Cerave’s SA body products are key to recovering from these little irritations quickly. They’re packed with ceramides, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide—everything you need for getting rid of bumps, razor burn, scrapes, insect bites etc. Comes in two formulas: cream in a satisfyingly large pot or lotion with a convenient pump dispenser.
Available at select drug stores, $15.99 for lotion $24.99 for cream

6. Bare with Me Tinted Skin Veil by NYX

The skin tint trend is still going strong and it’s a deceptively simple product—many have gotten it wrong. NYX’s contribution, however, is almost perfect. The cream formula offers hydration, while making it easy to blend out. Skin Veil comes in 12 shades, which might not sound like a great selection, but keep in mind each option will easily cover three to four skin tones. Moreover, the range from the lightest shade to darkest shade is incredibly wide. This will even out skin tone, blur over imperfections and lightly cancel out redness—the perfect summertime no-makeup makeup base.
Available at NYX and select drug stores, $16

7. Uplift Body Sonic Massaging Beauty Roller by Nurse Jamie

Hot summer temperatures can do a number on our legs, rendering them swollen and puffy, especially when you factor in humidity. The original Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller is amazing for de-puffing the face and increasing circulation. The Uplift Body Massaging Beauty Roller does the same thing for your legs. The pronged Y-shape tool has twice the massaging stones and is designed to hug the natural curves of legs, arms and even the neck. When you don’t have time for a lymphatic drainage massage, use this on your legs and watch them return to their contoured glory.
Available at Sephora, $210

8. Tea Tree Face Wipes by Thursday Plantation

Not typically a fan of face wipes, I make an exception for these… especially during the summer. Antibacterial tea tree oil and soothing aloe vera gently remove bacteria and impurities from sweaty, greasy faces either after a day in the sun or after a workout. And if you’re out all day in open sandals, these are so revitalizing on the feet for a quick refresh.
Available online, $12.99

9. Powder Kiss Lipstick by MAC

Matte meets moisture. It seems counterintuitive to launch a matte lipstick in the height of summer but MAC’s latest formula is so innovative it’s actually perfect for no-fuss summer looks. While definitely matte, the moisture-coated powder pigments deliver an astonishingly light texture and if blotted on provide a hazy, romantic soft-focus effect. Also works well lightly tapped onto cheeks for a quick blush of colour.
Available at MAC and Sephora, $23

10. 100% Shea Butter by The Body Shop

Made from 192 shea nuts by Ghanaian women (who’ve used this exact product for generations to nourish skin and hair), The Body Shop’s pure shea butter is a real treat on dehydrated bits. Decant some into an empty lip balm or eye cream pot to keep in your bag. It’s fantastic on cuticles, ashy knees and elbows, flyaways, and even lips. At home, massage onto your feet after a warm shower to keep them looking and feeling supple all summer long.
Available at The Body Shop, $21

11. Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick by Marc Jacobs

There are a few tricks to mastering this concealer, but—once you do—it’ll be your go-to. Firstly, this is a dry texture so prime your skin well with a good moisturiser—a level or two more than you normally would. You want to tap or stipple this onto skin, never swipe. Lastly, set with powder—this is crucial. You should be good for the day after that but if you need to touch-up partway through, follow the dabble/stipple-powder technique and it’ll layer up beautifully. The colours come in natural, realistic undertones, complementing a wide range of skintones.
Available at Sephora, $38

12. 3 Couleurs Tri(o)blique Eyeshadow Palette by Dior

Inspired by Dior’s Oblique collection, the 3 Couleurs Tri(O)blique eyeshadow palettes take a departure from the brand’s signature “quints” (five colours) and present a limited edition of trios. Each offer three different colours and effects: metallic, sparkly and matte. Colourways range from smoky greys to neutrals browns, but the palette of the summer has got to be Coral Canvas, a joyful trio of coral hues to help you fully embrace the season in style.
Available at Dior counters and Shoppers Drug Mart, $74