4 Ways to Refresh Your Skin and Boost Your Self-esteem

Chances are video calls and mask mandates have changed the way you look at yourself—and not necessarily in a good way

This pandemic has not only shifted how we work on the daily, but also how we see ourselves

Chances are video calls and mask mandates have changed the way you look at yourself—and not necessarily in a good way. As a result, at Project Skin MD, many of our patients are now asking us how they can improve their skin and appearance.

“Back-to-back Zoom meetings have forced us to look very critically at ourselves all dayway more than we should,” says Dr. William McGillivray, medical director at Project Skin MD, “and mask mandates have us covering everything but our eyes, making them even more of focal point in human interaction.”

In response to this new reality, here are four tips to help improve your skin and boost your self-esteem…


1. All the hydration

With remote working, we are often glued to our screens all day and forget to drink water. And here’s the bad news: when you get dehydratedeven just a little bityour skin will lose its natural radiance, look uneven and fine lines will get amplified. It’s crucial to keep your hydration levels high with water. Aim for 2 to 3 litres of water per day. Keep a 1 litre glass bottle right by your computer to remind you to drink it.

In addition, ease up on coffee and alcohol as these two beverages are known to cause dehydration. You can boost hydration at home with the addition of  trace mineralsnatural electrolytesto increase water absorption and energy. You can also add a few drops of chlorophyll, a strong antioxidant that can increase oxygen intake from your red blood cells (also a good source of vitamins and minerals). Doing this daily will help to keep your skin luminous and supple.


2. Meet your glow serums

Along with hydration, what you apply topically also impacts how refreshed the skin looks. We like to recommend two of our favourite glow-boosting serums for your daily routine:

  • CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals: The gold standard of all vitamin C, this morning antioxidant serum will brighten your skin, boost your collagen and elastin production and improve your overall skin health. It’s a must-have for anyone, no matter your age. $190 for a four-month supply
  • HA Intensifier by SkinCeuticals: This corrective serum helps to increase the plumpness and dewiness of your skin by amplifying your natural hyaluronic acid levels. $132 for a three-month supply

At Project Skin MD, we understand that everyone’s skin is different and always offer a tailored skin-care regimen. We offer free virtual consultations to discuss your concerns and customize recommendations just for you.


3. Freshen up with a bela glow facial

Sometimes you need a little more than just water and products to get results. That’s where a tailored service in Project Skin MD’s Glow Room with a medical aesthetician can be a game changer. Our bela glow facial offers microdermabrasion, hydrogen water, serum infusion and lymphatic drainage all in one. It’s a great way to refresh the skin by removing dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and replenished complexion.
Starting at $295


4. Say goodbye to dark circles

We hear it everyday: all of our patients can see how tired they look on their screens. A small under-eye correction can immediately reduce the appearance of dark circles and offer the boost in confidence you are looking for. Our experienced cosmetic physicians can carefully inject a small amount of dermal fillers (made of hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule naturally found in the body) in the tear trough area. We often space this out over two visits and gradually build on results.
Starting at $1,100

Let’s remember that we’re all in this together and that no matter what, we’re all doing our best. Hopefully the above tips will offer you some inspiration that will help you feel empowered and ready to take on your next Zoom meeting with confidence.