5 Fabulous Fall Eco-Beauty Finds

Clean, green or safe, we've got you covered with these beauty finds

Clean, green or safe, we’ve got you covered with these beauty finds

On the West Coast, we pride ourselves on a healthier lifestyle… what we eat, what we wear and even what we put on our skin. With a change in season now in full swing, our skin will need a little extra TLC.

Here we have five fabulous eco-beauty finds to keep your skin supple while the leaves fall…

1. Mayan Magic Balm by LaVigne Natural Skincare

Local LaVigne Natural Skincare knows where it’s at when it comes to a multi-use balm. Tepezcohuite is the secret ingredient in this gem and is sourced responsibly from Mexico. It’s known for healing dry and damaged skin and this formulation feels like a protective layer, ideal for those with eczema and sensitive skin. For consumers that like something that readily absorbs, this formulation comes in a “lite” version as well.

2. Gentle Bamboo Exfoliator by Ela Spa

This gentle exfoliating gem from Ela Spa is suitable for all skin types. The formulation uses round, equal-sized bamboo spheres which do not cause micro scratches. (No environmentally harmful nano particles found here either.) This product also contains Vitamin E which nourishes the skin and a rose hydrosol known for its anti-aging properties. This fall, shedding the dead isn’t just for the trees.

3. The Sublime Balm by Okoko Cosmetiques

For those that like a little luxe on their list, this balm does not disappoint. Made right here in Vancouver, this Okoko Cosmetiques treat is a mighty multitasker. Ingredients of tomato oil rich in lycopene, fermented willow bark, pomegranate extract and more have this balm nourishing, hydrating, brightening and even reducing inflammation. With use day or night, you’ll feel the results.

4. Nourishing Cleansing Balm by Woodlot

Remove dirt and makeup with this non-drying cleansing balm from Vancouver local Woodlot. Suitable for all skin types, with ingredients of balancing petitgrain, moisturizing shea butter and vitamin-rich essential oils combining to leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft and smooth. Gentle and effective.

5. Superfood Serum by Graydon Skincare

Oh, Canada! Graydon Skincare Superfood Serum comes to us from Toronto. This serum packs a punch in the superfood department for your face. It contains cold-pressed raspberry, blueberry and cranberry seed oils from the Fraser Valley, and is blended with kale oil (grown in Prince Edward Island), South American sacha inchi, goji and chia seed oil as well as Moroccan prickly pear which is known for hydrating and nourishing via fatty acids. This serum covers blemishes and spots, as well as exercising the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. Superpowers indeed.