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5 Nail Art Trends for 2019

Clueless when it comes to your nails? Here are five great ideas for the summer

Feeling a bit clueless when it comes to your nails? Here are five great ideas for the summer, courtesy of Elle Boutique Salon….

1. Get in shape

The right shaping is the base for everything about nail style. Believe it or not, finding the right nail shape for your fingers is as important as choosing colour or art. Almond, stiletto, square, oval and coffin… so many options to choose from! Everyone’s fingers have unique shapes that enhance the look of the hands. At Elle Boutique Salon, all nail artists provide a consultation on nail shape before a service begins. Stuck in your comfort zone? Give another nail shape a try! It makes all the difference.

2. Hello glow!

As recent beauty trends have shifted from matte covering foundation to glowing skincare, nail trends have been no exception: “no makeup” makeup is today’s look for nails. Often times, for busy professionals, viral nail trends aren’t always wearable nor are acrylics or extensions very realistic. The key to success begins with a refreshingly clean, well groomed manicure. Like with any good body detox, our hands can benefit treatments as well.  A natural manicure requires important steps: proper prepping, cuticle care, nail shaping and massage. In 2019, we are all about a good glow… and let’s not forget about nails!

3. Go clean and glow healthy

We spend so much time concerned about clean skin care, organic groceries and sustainable products, but when it comes to nail care, we’re more likely to just pick a pretty shade. Choosing the right polish is vital to growing strong and healthy nails. Did you know? A lot of nail polish brands still carry toxic chemicals such as DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and TPHP that everybody must avoid. Elle Boutique Salon carries only best-of-the-best products, such as Akzentzand Deborrah Lippman (7-free polish), and available colour selection is astonishing.

4. Minimum effort, maximum impact

Bright, colourful and fun to explore! A little hint of “something” that adds everything to your look… this summer it’s all about colour. From bright neons to pastels to neutrals… these insanely pigmented colours are a no-brainer for the season. Elle Boutique Salon shows off over 300 colour options to choose from. Sometimes keeping everything to a minimum and really letting the colour speak for itself, is the answer.

5. The Elle signature

Who doesn’t love a good custom illustration hand drawn on your fingers? Yes, it is possible! From the modern French mani and mirrored, chrome finish, to hand drawn and completely maxed out embellished talons… sometimes girls just gotta have fun; hand-drawn Picasso paintings, Instagram nail trends, retro inspired, the bedazzled… options are endless. Nail artists take pride in sharing creativity, so never hesitate to ask for more! Sometimes, more is more.

A head to toe boutique salon

Don’t just look good, feel good. Elle Boutique Salon does not stop with just a nail glow, they ensure head to toe glow, with true beauty experts on the team. From skin care, Brazilians, root touch-up to beauty events… Elle Boutique Salon was founded in 2018 by two young, driven directors. The goal? Empower all individuals to uncover and confidently reflect their own kind of beautiful, through up-to-date beauty services. A new combined concept: beauty spa, social venue and luxury retail boutique—in the heart of Yaletown—the space is yours!