5 Products for Hydration and Moisture

To make informed skincare choices, it's important to understand your needs... and the best products for your routine

To make informed skincare choices, it’s important to understand your needs… and the best products for your routine

Every skin type needs a proper balance between moisture and hydration, which can come from both internal and external sources or products. As the largest organ in your body, your skin requires proper care in order to offer a supple, healthy glow from the inside out. 

To demystify the difference between hydration and moisture, these high-performing products from Okoko Cosmétiques are designed to address the important demands for moisture and hydration, while delivering beautiful, visible results.

What is hydration?

In simple terms, hydration equals water. When your skin is dehydrated, it needs water. To keep your skin hydrated from the inside out requires drinking water and using the right products. You should be drinking anywhere between two to three litres of water per day, depending on your activity level, the environment/climate you’re in and your body type. Increasing water intake during strenuous work or exercise is important, as is the same during hotter, summer-like weather. When choosing products to hydrate your skin, look for a watery or gel consistency as this is exactly what your skin needs from the exterior. Dehydrated skin that is not protected with moisture on top will feel tight and dull. 

Symptoms of dehydrated skin include…

  • Dullness
  • Bags and under-eye circles
  • Itchiness
  • Sunken eyes
  • Increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sallow-looking skin


Treating dehydrated skin

To ensure, the right products are being used to hydrate, keep these tips in mind…

  • Use water- or hydrosol-based products, such as serums and mists
  • Use ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber hydrosol or bamboo water
  • Look for ingredients which help to bind and retain moisture, like humectants such as hyaluronic acid and beta glucan
  • Avoid long, hot showers that may strip your skin of lipids 
  • Use a moisturizer or facial balm/oil layered on top of water-based serums to seal in hydration
  • Protect your skin against environmental stressors, including sun and pollution
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid excess caffeine and alcohol 

Below are some suggestions that provide hydration, potent antioxidants and protection from Okoko Cosmétiques…

1. L’Élixir De Pureté, Sang Du Dragon – White Label

L’Élixir de Pureté, Sang du Dragon – White Label is an exceptional hydrating serum. Water-light in texture, this oil-free, expertly blended, soothing elixir helps skin recover from the effects of a busy lifestyle, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, hydrating and firming.

The gentle yet powerfully active serum combines effective, high-performance ingredients that work together to address various skincare needs, including dehydration, fine lines and the appearance of breakouts. The combination of dragon’s blood, 10 percent niacinamide, willow bark extract, beta-glucan and pomegranate enzymes, gently exfoliates skin, helping to boost overall skin quality and visibly improving skin tone and texture.

2. L’Élixir de Pureté, Sang Du Dragon — Prestige Edition

L’Élixir de Pureté, Sang Du Dragon — Prestige Edition is a soft, lightweight, plant-based serum filled with a special combination of ingredients that protects against pollutants while also promoting breathing (of the skin) for a fresher complexion and more invigorated-looking skin. This highly hydrating serum offers the benefits of many serums, all-in-one. It clarifies, protects and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and aging, with potent ingredients that include beech tree bud, beta glucan and prebiotics.

3. La Perle — Environmental Defense Hydrating Mist-Serum

This new, high-performance, hydrating bi-phase mist, La Perle — Environmental Defense Hydrating Mist-Serum, is a super active serum formulated to help protect against oxidation due to environmental damage, while renewing radiance. The special formulation combines premium natural ingredients of the highest quality such as resveratrol, bakuchiol, lycopene, coenzyme Q10, superoxide dismutase, and vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes to cater to your most important skincare needs. 

Liposomes are used in skincare formulations to enhance transport and increase absorption of precious cosmetic actives. This product can be used as an all-in-one serum, skin supplement and enviro-defense mist capable of reducing the aesthetic effects of urban pollution (fumes, hydrocarbons, tobacco, sun) and protect fragile, mature, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

What is moisture?

Having dry skin means that your skin is lacking oils and lipids which are different than water. Dry skin that can be hydrated but isn’t properly moisturized will flake and have a rough texture. Even if you have combination or oily skin, your skin still needs to be lightly moisturized and have an occlusive layer that helps to seal in hydration. Fortunately, people are now learning that adding the proper amount and type of moisture will improve the balance of sebum production in the skin and lock-in moisture. It is usually when the skin is not well-moisturized that it goes into overdrive and produces too much sebum to compensate.

Look for products that contain high quality, nourishing oils and butters that are non-comedogenic. Some people prefer creams which are a combination of water-based ingredients and oils, while others enjoy using premium, unrefined facial oils to provide soft, supple skin. It’s also equally important to consume omega fatty acids and healthy fats sourced from natural foods. Consuming healthy fats will help your skin to lubricate and nourish from within which will allow your skin to appear supple and prevent dryness. Omega 3 fatty acids in particular help keep your skin-cell membranes healthy.

Symptoms of dry skin include…

  • Scaly appearance
  • Flaky or patchy skin
  • Red or irritated skin 
  • Tightness
  • Lack of volume

Top tips to moisturize dry skin:

  • Consume Omega 3-rich foods, such as salmon, hemp and chia seeds, or take a high-quality Omega supplement
  • Consume healthy fats and oils from avocado, coconut, flaxseed, olive oil and nuts
  • Avoid consuming excess salt and processed sugars and starches
  • Use a high quality moisturizer and/or facial oil that seals in hydration and moisturizes dry skin 
  • If your skin barrier is compromised, use a nourishing balm over your moisturizer to protect from environmental elements, all while calming and soothing your skin 
  • Avoid using cosmetics with synthetic fragrance as this can further irritate dry skin

Below are suggestions from Okoko Cosmétiques that moisturize and deeply nourish the skin…

    1. Les 16 Précieux Face Oil

    Okoko Cosmétiques’ Les 16 Précieux is a non-comedogenic face oil enriched with plant-based high-performance botanicals, including white lupin extract and bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is nature’s alternative to retinoids. Bakuchiol is derived from babchi seeds sourced from India. Although many people have great results using retinol, not everyone can tolerate it or use it in their skincare routine because of potential side effects such as irritation, dryness and sensitivity during pregnancy. Bakuchiol is an all natural, plant-based, milder alternative that offers similar benefits and helps reduce the signs of aging. White lupin extract is sourced from France and makes the skin look firmer to help achieve youthful skin. (You can learn more about these ingredients here.)

    2. Sublime Balm

    This beautiful orange balm, Sublime Balm, is designed to be used in multiple ways and has a delicious yet subtle scent of vanilla. It is made with an antioxidant-rich blend of rare and precious ingredients including tomato seed oil rich in lycopene, fermented willow bark, pomegranate extract, calendula CO2 extract, seabuckthorn, carrot oil and astaxanthin, another powerful antioxidant. Together these ingredients work to provide glow and radiance. You can use this balm as a moisturiser, eye balm, night balm or even under your makeup. It also turns milky when mixed with water which works well to remove makeup while still moisturizing skin. It can also be used as a luxe highlighter on your cheekbones, bringing luminosity to your skin.

    So much to do with Sublime! When used in your routine, skin is softened and soothed from environmental stressors. Sublime Balm also helps your skin retain vital hydration from underlying serums and treatments.

    The perfect combination of hydration and moisturefrom the inside and outallows for optimal skin health. Distinguish the difference between hydration and moisture and choose better products for your skin’s needs, such as those above.

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