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5 Reasons to Opt for All Natural Deodorant

Safer, healthier options for your body, and the environment as well

Safer, healthier options for your body, and the environment as well

Switching from conventional deodorant can be daunting, but—in today’s crowded beauty space—it’s a winning choice all around. On top of being a safer, healthier option for your body you truly are helping your family and the environment as well.

We asked our friends at I Luv It Natural Deodorant to share why you should consider making a change…

1. It’s all about the sweat

Did you know we are supposed to get our sweat on? It’s true. Sweating is good for us! We have to do it. It helps our bodies remove toxins and impurities. Conventional deodorants contain ingredients that can build up over time, effect our hormones and our ability to sweat the way we are supposed to. If sweat is building up then good bacteria can’t get to work either. Not winning.

2. Avoid harmful ingredients

Many conventional deodorants come with harmful ingredients. Many of those are commonly linked to health conditions. What you put in, effects your skin so you have to run with that. Aluminum is a long running ingredient that has been linked to Cancer and Alzheimer’s along with paragons and propylene glycol found to alter estrogen in the body to mess with our hormones. (More on that here.) 

3. Healthy ingredients help your skin

Natural deodorant keeps your body working properly. It doesn’t block pores and allows for good bacteria on our skin to get to work properly. Ingredients like coconut oil and grapeseed oil help nourish the skin and keep it smooth. Baking soda helps with odour by eating the bad bacteria. Some people find that they can’t use a formulation with baking soda, so I Luv It makes a baking soda-free version too. Trust us, you’ll luv it. Less is more and you can’t go wrong with eight ingredients or less.

4. Tested on humans

At I Luv It., they are all about the bunny. Leaping Bunny Certified allows transparency, demonstrating that products are not tested on animals. With so few ingredients, you won’t get confused. And Leaping Bunny has rigorous safety guidelines and testing policies so I Luv It is proud to sport their logo and keep you in the know.

5. Make the switch

To keep your pits fresh, and stay on top of the stink game, you’re going to want to be sure to wash daily and exfoliate weekly. Doing a ‘detox’, so to speak, from your conventional deodorant is also helpful. Don’t wear deo at all for a few days and just allow those pits to breath before you switch. Give formulations a couple of weeks to work. This way you’ll know if you are a baking soda-free person or if your body is okay with it. Another tip? Use a face mask on your pits from time to time for a little extra cleaning. It will draw impurities out of your face, but is also safe for your pits!

Inspired to perspire yet? Just take these things into consideration when you’re making the switch from conventional deodorant to natural and your pit game will be on point.