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5 Reasons to Up Your Skin Care Game with Bromance

A Canadian original offers inventive skin care options for men across the country

A Canadian original offers inventive skin care options for men across the country

BROmance didn’t invent men’s skin care, but they are hoping to revolutionize it. Why? Because they saw not just a void, but an industry where things drastically needed a shaking up.

“My husband wanted to use my skin care products,” explains Collette Fitzgerald, one of the BROmance co-founders. “He was interested in men’s skin care but didn’t have a lot of avenues to easily get started.”

Carlin Jessop, another of the company’s co-founders, also recognized how difficult it was for men to find great skincare. “I work in the beauty industry,” she says, “and I saw a lot of great skin care options being offered to women, but not a lot for their counterparts.”

Matt Fitzgerald, the third piece of the BROmance co-founding puzzle, struggled first-hand with finding great skin care.

“I was roaming the aisles of the department store, looking for something that was for me. It wasn’t working out too well.”

The team put their heads together and decided there had to be a better way to deliver great skincare. BROmance was born, and the skin care revolution began.

Here are five reasons why BROmance skin care is the perfect choice for the season ahead…

1. Skin care reimagined… and made simple

Forget using 10 products multiple times a day. Forget convoluted masks. BROmance keeps things simple. They have two products: Face The Day Cleanser and Age-Proof Moisturizer, which are applied once in the morning and once in the evening.

“We didn’t want to make things too daunting for men who may just be getting into skin care for the first time,” explains Matt. “There are many guys who want better-looking skin, but don’t want to be overwhelmed in the process. I think we’ve struck the right balance.”

2. Canadian-made

BROmance is proud of their Canadian roots. “We love being Canadian, and everything this country stands for,” says co-founder Jessop. “We associate this country with kindness, compassion, and empathy, and truly feel blessed to live here in the ‘true north strong and free’.”

Their national pride translates into production. BROmance is 100 percent made and manufactured in Canada.

3. Small team with a big dream

Three co-founders, one large goal. Starting in April 2020, the BROmance team facedlike so many other businessesa tumultuous year to say the least.

But they weren’t deterred. In fact, they were inspired. “We knew what we wanted to do was going to be a lot of work, but once we had our minds made up, there was no stopping us,” says Colette Fitzgerald. “So, no doubt, we faced obstacles, but because of hard work, because of teamwork, we’ve reached many of our goals to date. And for that we’re very grateful.”

The results speak for themselves. Their website has become a successful retailer, and they’ve also been featured in numerous subscription boxes, including the award-winning Extraordinary Man #editorsbox

These successes to date have also allowed them to meet another dream of theirs–giving back. BROmance has partnered with, a Canadian charity that empowers young leaders to revolutionize mental health in every province and territory.

“We chose men’s mental health for a specific reason,” states Matt Fitzgerald. “As a company that was focused on making men feel better about themselves, we recognized the important role that mental well-being would play.”

4. Pure, unadulterated quality

“We weren’t going to stop halfway. We wanted men not just to have great skin care, but to also have the best products, period. If an ingredient doesn’t have a purpose, we don’t use it,” Collette explains about the philosophy behind what goes into BROmance products.

Their products contain natural ingredients and are paraben-free. Another point of pride? BROmance is cruelty-free, meaning their products are never tested on animals.

5. Meet a busy man’s needs

“We recognize that a lot of our customers lead very busy lives,” says Carlin Jessop. “That’s why it was imperative for us to make our products travel-ready.” That means BROmance products are all TSA-approved, properly sized to be “carry-on ready” and able to get through airport security.

Busy lives are also catered to via the BROscription, a new subscription-based service the company recently launched. The BROscription allows men to never run out of their favourite skin care products, ensuring they’re delivered right to the door every couple of months.

To learn more and get started with your own simple, yet effective, skin care regimen, visit BROmance online.