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5 Ways to Keep Cool with BROmance This Summer

A favourite of the Extraordinary Man #editorsbox, BROmance knows how to make the most of the season ahead

A favourite of the Extraordinary Man #editorsbox, BROmance knows how to make the most of the season ahead

Bro3Facebook/It’s a BROmanceBROmance, the company hoping to revolutionize skin care, wants you to have the best summer ever. Why? Because, quite frankly, you deserve it!

It has been a near hellacious last couple of years, with people getting sick of hearing “restrictions” and “social distancing” ad nauseam. Well, now that restrictions are lifted, the sun is shining, and it’s time to finally (finally!) get out with friends again, we’ve got some ideas for you once you do get out there.

Here are five ways to keep cool with BROmance this summer…

1. Bash at the beach

    The beach is back! What better activity for taking advantage of the summer weather than going to your favourite sandy spot? When there, the world is really your oyster.

    First up, you need to decide whether or not you’re going to just dip your toe in that water or dive on in. When in, there are a variety of different things you could do. Perhaps you want to give surfing a try—it’s a great way to engage the core, strengthen leg muscles, and burn some calories.

    Or, if catching the waves by board isn’t for you, you could always try some swimming. No one’s saying you have to be a Michael Phelps out there, but, it could be the ultimate way to get refreshed and beat the summer heat.

    Let’s face it, though, the water won’t be for everyone, and that’s a-okay. The beach is the perfect opportunity to do lots more, including working on that tan, catching up on that new book, or playing some volleyball. (Hey, maybe you could impress that cute lifeguard.)

    2. Refreshing patio drinks with friends

    Is there anything better than a cool, refreshing drink after a long day’s work? We certainly don’t think so. Whether you’re blue collar or white collar, there’s something great about happy hour—something iconic and truly Canadian. And, with the weather having improved, you don’t have to stay inside to imbibe on a cold, adult beverage. No, you can stake out the best patio around, hunker down, and say “cheers” with friends.

    3. Hit up an amusement park

    Park1Facebook/PNE PlaylandDon’t get fooled into thinking they’re just for youngsters; bring out the kid in you and check out an amusement park, like Vancouver’s Playland. Try the scariest rides, but don’t get queasy because you’ve got popcorn and cotton candy to eat. Plus, there are a ton of fun games for you to test your strength, skill and concentration on. And who knows? Maybe you’ll win your special someone that giant teddy bear.

      4. Catch an outdoor concert

        This is where the axing of restrictions really comes into play. We can gather in crowds again! And bands are touring again.

        Canada has some of the hottest acts in the world right now, and you’d be remiss not to check them out if they’re in your area. Don’t just stick to what you know: try something new and exciting! Classic rock junkie? Catch a live DJ. More of a pop lover? Try some country.

        5. Stay cool by using BROmance products

        Bro5Facebook/It’s a BROmanceIf you want to look cool this summer, then you’ve got to look your absolute best. Enter BROmance. The company’s complete product line is specifically designed to keep you looking great, all summer long.

        First up is the Face the Day Cleanser, which will remove all the unwanted. Then, there’s the Age-Proof Moisturizer, which will keep your face hydrated throughout the hottest of summer days. And, finally, the Under Eye Defense will help to remove those pesky under-eye bags. It’s a trio for the ages, all designed to keep your confidence sky-high.

        To feel even cooler, take pride in knowing you’re also supporting a Canadian company, one that is cruelty-free.

        Have the best summer ever! And always, always have BROmance accompany you on that next adventure.