8 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Skin

Elevate your beauty routine with products to help improve your skin from both the inside and out

Elevate your beauty routine with products to help improve your skin from both the inside and out

While aging is a natural process (one we should all embrace with confidence!) and hormonal breakouts are somewhat unavoidable, looking after your skin and using the right ingredients will help maintain a natural, healthy glow for a more vibrant complexion every day. 

See below for our top advice on how best to look after your skin… 


1. Choose organic moisturizers

Moisturizers are essential to your daily routine and the key to maintaining hydrated, healthy skin. But if you’re not sure which ingredients to look for, it can make the search for the perfect everyday moisturizer a little tricky. Adding organic and natural ingredients to your routine is not only safer for you and your skin, but can also provide so many other great benefits. Ingredients like shea butter and aloe oil will help nourish and heal dry, dull skin, while scent-free products help reduce sensitivity and breakouts.


2. Incorporate vitamin-packed serums

We all know the benefits of incorporating powerhouses like vitamin C into our diets, so it’s no surprise that we’re now adding this ingredient, and a few others, into our skin care routine. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E as well as hyaluronic acid help keep skin firm, plump and youthful while reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Suitable for all skin types, their multi-tasking benefits strengthen and protect skin from UV rays and other pollutants, and are often paired together to provide anti-aging benefits.


3. Drink nutritious herbal teas

It’s no secret that drinking water can help combat a multitude of skin problems, but who wouldn’t want to sit back with a cuppa hot, steaming, nutrition-filled botanical tea knowing your complexion will brighten with each sip (not literally, but you get it)? Herbal blends packed with antioxidant, skin-balancing and blemish-clearing ingredients—like peppermint, nettle, burdock and dandelion—work to detoxify and cleanse from within, making your skin healthier and clearer.


4. Apply soothing eye serums

Unlike eye creams, eye serums have a lighter and more absorbent consistency, allowing them to penetrate the skin deeper and reach layers your usual lotion would not. Increasing hydration and brightening the eye area, you’ll find serums packed with antioxidant ingredients, like organic cranberry seed oil, vital to help soothe and even skin tone around that delicate area. Not to mention, the light texture will leave minimal residue behind.


5. Invest in harm-free makeup

Having a great skin care routine is essential, but if you’re layering potentially harmful and irritating cosmetics on top, you’ve missed the mark. Look for phrases like “fragrance-free” and “paraben-free,” and invest in makeup that not only highlights your natural beauty, but is packed with benefits to keep your skin protected throughout the day. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid will work to hydrate and enhance the overall texture, while antioxidants like vitamin E, squalene and grapeseed oil will nourish and moisturize.


6. Use a collagen supplement

Collagen is a fibrous protein and a major component of your skin which is responsible for giving you the elasticity and bounce that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many factors, like genetics, smoking, sun exposure and pollution, can impact our collagen levels and unfortunately, as we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen. Adding a collagen supplement to your diet can help support healthy skin by boosting its anti-aging properties.


7. Get a detoxifying mask

Rich in minerals and vitamins, detox masks remove dead skin cells, toxins and bacteria with the benefits of tightening pores, promoting healthy blood circulation and hydrating skin for a brighter and more vibrant complexion. Packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants will help replenish and maintain radiant skin, leaving a natural glow.


8. Try a natural deodorant

Making the switch from a conventional stick deodorant or antiperspirant to a natural-based product can seem daunting. But with overall health benefits (say goodbye to aluminum) and less skin irritation risks, natural deodorants with ingredients like coconut oil, arrowroot and shea butter, work to eliminate body odour while nourishing the skin—without synthetic properties like parabens clogging your underarms.