Anti-aging Skincare Tools That Really Work

Reduce fine lines, shrink pores, clear acne, and brighten skin with these top high-tech anti-aging devices

Years, and sometimes decades, of research and development have gone into some of these incredible skincare devices that deliver on claims to reduce fine lines, shrink pores, clear acne and brighten skin

If you’re a med-spa client, you’ll already be familiar with some of the vocabulary and techniques used in these at-home tools: laser, LED, sonic waves, etc. What used to be the mysterious domain of exclusive (and expensive) spas is now readily available for you to use at home.

But because some of these devices are so powerful, please always read instructions thoroughly before starting. Some aren’t recommended for those who are pregnant, on certain medications, such as Accutane, or if you have certain health conditions. Otherwise, for everyone else, they’re easy to use and you’ll start to see improvements within a few days and optimal results after two months. 

Click through for five of our favourite, most effective anti-aging skincare tools.

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device and Trinity Facial Toning Device PRO, $380

Dubbed the “five minute facial-lift,” the NuFACE Trinity Pro (above, left) and NuFACE Trinity (above, right) offer powerful microcurrent treatments for facial stimulation that improve facial contours, skin tone, and wrinkles. They target the cheeks, forehead, jawline and jowls (avoid the neck as you’re getting close to lymph nodes), helping to “lift” areas prone to sagging.

The only difference between the NuFACE Trinity Pro and the NuFACE Trinity is that the Pro version delivers a stronger microcurrent (400 microamps, vs. 335 microamps) and, as such, is available only through authorised medi-spas (where, presumably, you will have had a facial demonstrating this device before purchasing).

This technology began as a medical therapy for patients with atrophied muscles (and continues today to be commonly used by physiotherapists). While the pamphlet suggests you’ll feel nothing during this treatment, I did experience occasional sharp prickling in certain areas of the face. Definitely start on the lowest setting and work your way up as you become accustomed to it. Use it daily for two months then  two to three times a week for maintenance.

You’ll need to apply a conductive gel on cleansed skin in order for this device to work. The kit comes with a small tube of gel, which can (and, in my opinion, should especially if you have dehydrated skin) be watered down otherwise it’s far too thick and dries out quickly. Apply this to each section of your face as you proceed—do not apply to the entire face at once or it will dry out.

While these devices really do improve the “lift” of the face, one of their best deliverables is unseen. Microcurrent has the ability to significantly improve the penetration of topicals, so this is an excellent time to apply your oil-free serum under the conductive gel, which will be absorbed more deeply into the skin.

Both Trinity devices are rechargeable and come with interchangeable treatment attachment heads that target specific areas, one for lips and eyes, the other fine lines and wrinkles.

NuFACE Trinity is available at and Sephora. NuFACE Trinity PRO is available from authorised medi-spas such as Touch of Joy (497 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver).

Foreo, Luna, $229

These cool, Swedish silicone devices are not only beautiful but brilliantly effective at gently cleaning skin. Ergonomically, organically shaped, the Foreo Luna is a marked departure from other cleansing brushes on the market. Using transdermal sonic pulsations, the soft silicone bristles thoroughly keep your pores clean and clear. Its compact size also makes it a breeze to travel with and—get this—it needs recharging only twice a year.

Available at and Sephora

StrivectinLABS, Facial Toner, $199

This facial toner delivers microcurrent through a hands-free wraparound device and lets you multi-task while it’s working. This is an extremely easy, no-fuss device with dual-sided settings so you can adjust the treatment level for each side of the face.

The microcurrent is delivered through the two water-based gel pads that are held snugly against your cheek. Strivectin suggests changing the pads every 6-10 sessions but if you ensure your face is very clean before each session, you can stretch this out significantly (just be mindful of the pads losing moisture, as it requires water content in order to effectively deliver the microcurrent).

The sessions are programmed for either 10 or 20 minutes and you’ll feel the contractions as the current cycles through. Each side is adjustable so you can fine tune your treatment. The goal is to have each side feeling the same level of contractions and this will most likely require different settings (no face is perfectly symmetrical). At a very low setting, you’ll feel gentle contractions; at a stronger setting you’ll feel a strong surge of tingling (doesn’t hurt) as parts of your face (eyes, lips, etc.) visibly contract with each cycle. The ideal setting is somewhere in the middle, one where you feel the contractions, which should “buzz” but never feel uncomfortable. You want the muscles to contract and release repeatedly with each five-second cycle – similar to isometric exercises that tone muscles.

I suggest using this at night since the pads will leave physical marks on your face and depending on how quickly your skin bounces back from these impressions, you won’t want to leave the house for some time after using this device. The facial toner is battery operated and replacement pads are six pairs for $20.

Available at and authorised retailers, including Shoppers Drug Mart

Silk’n, Blue, $149

Blue LED light has been proven to be an effective treatment for acne. Silk’n Blue is a hand-held device that combines LED blue light with infrared heat to kill the bacteria that causes acne in the first place and helps prevent the spread of new acne from forming. It’s best on chronic acne, and less so if you’re just experiencing the occasional spot.

You’ll need to hold the device against affected areas for 3-4 minutes each, so length of treatment depends on how many areas you’re working on. Patience is key with this device, as you really need to spend the time on each area and you’ll need to do this every day for at least a month before really seeing results. But it does work if this is your issue.

Available at and authorised retailers including London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart

Tria, Age-Defying Laser, $569

Using the same non-ablative laser technology you find in medi-spas, the Tria handheld Age-Defying Laser targets facial wrinkles, pigmentation, texture and luminosity. This technology works by sending laser energy into the skin kick-starting your body’s repair process, which stimulates collagen production. With diligent use (but no more than once in a 24-hour period), the results can be realistically transformative.

Working on one section of the face at a time, (forehead, left cheek, right cheek and chin), the device automatically beeps to let you know when to move on to the next area. You’re meant to keep the device gliding over each section and it’ll automatically turn off if you stay in one place too long (to prevent burning) or if it’s not placed flat against the skin.

On the lowest setting, each section takes 30 seconds; on the medium setting, it increases to one minute; on the highest setting, it increases again to two and a half minutes. As you amp up the settings, not only does the duration increase, so is the pain level. Hopefully as you progress, your tolerance will fortify as well. On the lowest setting you shouldn’t feel much or have any side effects. And while, technically, there’s no down-time, on the medium and high settings, your face will get pink and feel warm if not a bit sunburned (it’s not). So I recommend doing this at night to give your face a chance to recover while you sleep. Also, during the day, you must used a full-spectrum sunscreen as your face will be photo-sensitive during this treatment.

Available at, in store at select Sephora stores and online at