Discover the Perfect Holistic Skin Care Routine

A natural skin care line from the West Coast provides elegant, sophisticated options

A natural skin care line from the West Coast provides elegant, sophisticated options

GLACYO is a Vietnam-born and Vancouver-based natural skin care line whose ethos is simple: daily rituals yield results. In a pursuit to formulate technically flawless, sophisticated products, their elegant line creates non-greasy, lightweight formulas derived from bioactive ingredients, amber extract and glacial marine mineral water. Accrediting luminous skin to an intentional, artful lifestyle for every body, GLACYO’s backed-by-science and nurtured-by-nature collection serves as the perfect “last step” in any holistic skin care routine.

Designed to enhance and redefine beauty for all skin types and genders, GLACYO leverages glacial marine mineral water from Canada’s West Coast, alongside Polish-derived amber extract for luminous, plump and well-hydrated skin. Rather than formulating with distilled water, GLACYO infuses its products with glacial marine mineral water containing 69 minerals and rare earth elements to promote elasticity and collagen, while protecting the skin barrier. Complementing this deep hydration is amber extract. Loaded with succinic acid, amber extract boosts skin cell turnover, rebalances your skin’s pH, keeps in water and keeps out free radicals. This intentional formulation is inclusive to all skin types with no artificial colours and fragrances while being toxin-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegetarian and following sustainable processes from sourcing through to packaging.

Entering the market in February 2021, Founder Angelic Luong, a lifestyle influencer and skin care fanatic, and chief scientist Dr. Nhat Nguyen first spent more than eight years honouring their integrative philosophy to skin health. Their high performance clean beauty line holds sustainable processes at the core of GLACYO’s values. As a proud affiliate of One Percent for the Planet, a global movement committed to a happy Earth, one percent of GLACYO’s annual revenues are donated to reforestation. Together, Dr. Nguyen and Luong make a powerhouse female team bringing GLACYO’s premium skin care products to the world.