Essential Beauty Capsule Lessons

Here's how to build the perfect beauty capsule kit.

Everyday routines can become rewarding rituals when the action is more important than the result. This extends to your beauty regime: putting on makeup isn’t about the end result of looking beautiful, it’s about the act of self-care that makes you feel beautiful. And to ease the time and effort cosmetic rituals can take, capsule beauty kits offer a simplicity that is both beautiful and efficient. Reduce your makeup bag down to essential elements to not only make your ritual easier but also much more sustainable.

These are three important tips for creating your own capsule beauty kit…

1. Detox the mess

First step? Declutter your makeup collection. Get rid of the unnecessary products you’re holding onto that you never reach for. How many times have you impulse-bought a new makeup product only to realize that you reach for the same reliable products every day? Like your wardrobe, if you haven’t reached for a product in the last season, get rid of it. Chances are you are not going to be using it again and it’s also important not to use old or expired makeup on your face. By decluttering your collection, you’re choosing a more minimal and sustainable beauty ritual.

2. Pick your best items

Choose go-to products that you can’t live without. Leave products you don’t feel too attached to out of the capsule kit so there’s more room for the products you do love. If you could only choose five products to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be? Add them now. If five is too simple for your everyday routine, simply start with those five products and then focus and build upon them.

3. Restock and refresh

Finally, the last step is to restock on the products you’ve used up from your kit or—if you feel like refreshing your kit altogether—utilize freed up space. You don’t have to keep the same products forever. Switching out certain makeup once the season changes is a great way to play with your look. Just make sure to replace the space of a product used up so that you can maintain a sufficient minimum of contents.

Need a little more help? Here are three must-haves for any beauty capsule kit.

  1. Bamboo Palette (including the Capsule Palette, the Medium Palette and the Pro Palette): The Capsule Palette is the perfect size for your cosmetics bag and is great for traveling. The Medium Palette is our second biggest palette and allows for more space. Finally, our Pro Palette is our largest palette. Designed for makeup artists, this palette gives you the most amount of space for all of your powders. It’s the best place to store all of your pressed products with the ability to switch them out for new ones. Fill them with our pressed powders, browbalms, eyeshadows, bronzers, Illuminators or our Universal Crèmes. Any Elate products packaged in a magnetic pan will fit into the palette.
  2. Essential Mascara: It’s perfect for lengthening and thickening. It is great for anyone with sensitive eyes and it’s gluten free!
  3. Lipsticks: There are over 14 different shades ranging from light nudy-pinks to dark vampy reds. Elate lipsticks are made with shea and mango butter to keep lips soft and hydrated while still adding a high fashion pop of colour.

All Elate products are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free so you can feel good about adding Elate to both a beauty ritual and a beauty capsule.