Fall Beauty and Makeup Trend Preview

Update your low-key summer look with the latest skincare, haircare and beauty products

Credit: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacob’s newest fragrance dot will arrive in Vancouver this August

The newest fall beauty products are hitting shelves now, bringing easy updates and fresh colours to low-key summer looks

It’s late summer and the top new fall makeup and fall beauty products are already appearing at Vancouver retailers. Many of these, like BB Creams and Revlon’s Neon Nail Art, are completely relevant to summer beauty needs and will carry through to the next season.

If you’re like me, you’re already impatient to update your low-key summer look. While there’s no need for a fall beauty overhaul just yet, a strategic frizz-fighting shampoo, a lightweight sunscreen foundation combo, or a bright lip stain and balm are often enough for a subtle refresh.

Here are the best new fall beauty products – from haircare to makeup, fragrance and nail polish – to start integrating into your daily regime now.  

L’Oreal’s BB Cream
($16.99) just arrived at London Drugs (Image: Revlon)

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

BB Creams, also known as Blemish Balms or Beauty Balms, are all the rage right now. BB Creams debuted in Korea where they have a cult following and a stunning 15% share of the cosmetic market.

Adored for their multi-tasking abilities (they hydrate, correct, protect with SPF and tint), BB Creams remove a few steps from daily prep and are significantly lighter than most foundations.

Marcelle’s BB Cream has been available at London Drugs since spring. L’Oreal’s BB Cream ($16.99) just arrived at London Drugs and is about $10 cheaper.

(Image: Black 15in1)

Black 15in1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Miracle Hair Treatment

Black 15in1 is taking Canadian salons by storm. My stylist always tells me that her clients over-wash their hair, drying it out and attempting to moisturize with unnatural and ineffective synthetic ingredients. If you’ve ever been told it’s ideal to wash your hair twice a week max, but can’t find a product that delivers good results, this is your chance.

Black 15in1’s paraben-free, sulfate-free formula is designed for only twice-a-week use, relying on rich ingredients like sunflower seed extract, argan oil, vegetable protein, cashmere keratin and keratis to revitalize hair follicles and scalp.

I’ve been using it for three weeks so far, and can vouch for the frizz and flyaway taming effects on unruly, curly hair. The shampoo and miracle (styling) treatment retail for $24 and the conditioner for $26. Find it in Vancouver salons including Propaganda, Workshop Salon, Flaunt and Maude.

Revlon’s Neon Nail Art (Image: Revlon)

Revlon Nail Art

Neon nails and two-tone nails are hot this summer and will stick around as a fall beauty trend. Revlon’s Neon Nail Art landed in London Drugs in July. I’ve seen two-tone eyeshadow duos and lip colours, but never a nail polish duo.

Each Neon Nail Art comes with a creamy base coat on one end and a creamy neon colour on the other end. Shades include ultra violet, neon light, electric blue, groovy green, fuschia shock and more.

The latest Marc Jacobs perfume is Dot, playing off the designer’s love for polka dot prints (Image: Marc Jacobs)

Marc Jacobs Dot

Ladies love Marc Jacobs’ avant-garde perfume bottles and ad campaigns almost as much as his fragrances. From flirty, floral Daisy (think picnics in summer dresses) to sensual Lola (Dakota Fanning’s Lolita pose straddling a blooming bottle), each rendition has been a success.

The latest Marc Jacobs perfume is Dot, playing off the designer’s love for polka dot prints. The Dot flagon features a crimson and black, hybrid lady bug/butterfly design.

The scent is at least as irresistible as its sisters, evoking red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle, jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, and an afterthought of vanilla, driftwood and musk.

Emma Stone’s Kissable Balm Stain lips (Image: Revlon)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Smoochable lips must be moisturized, yet most lipsticks add colour and take every drop of moisture a girl’s got. About a year ago, the makeup giants started coming out with tinted balms, which were nothing new if you’ve known about Burt’s Bees options. Plus, the tints were just too darn weak to make a statement. Until now.

At long last, Revlon has debuted a Kissable Balm Stain that gives a pop of real colour in 12 shades, from peaches to pinks and bright red. These babies retail for $10 and will be available in London Drugs this August.