Freshen Up Your Beauty Rituals

Here's how to get your glow on for this spring and beyond

Practical ways to update your self-care routine this season

There’s just something about spring, isn’t there? Something that inspires us to clean house, make changes and seek out a fresh start. Maybe that’s why we’re feeling ready to shake up our beauty routines: to start new self-care habits, to stock our drawers with natural products and to enjoy those little private rituals each day, so we can look good and feel even better.

Here’s how to get your glow on for this spring and beyond…

1. Streamline your makeup drawer

Speed up your beauty routine (and declutter your vanity!) by stocking up on products that do double-duty, whether that’s a lip balm that can work as a cuticle cream or a cheek stain that can be dotted onto lips, too.

2. Embrace organics

Ingredients in your beauty products deserve just as much scrutiny as your dinner—what you put on your face gets absorbed into your body after all. Look for organic or natural ingredients with antioxidant properties that will work their magic from the outside in.

3. Step up your serum game

If you’re dreaming of smooth, glowing skin, serums are the magic potion you need to incorporate into your skin care routine. Serum molecules are smaller, ready to permeate the skin and target problem spots with clinical ingredients (moisturizer alone, it turns out, will not cut it). Try vitamin C to brighten or hyaluronic serums to hydrate.

4. Practice a little patience

Between applications of your favourite skin care products—serums first, then moisturizer, then face oil, then sunscreen (day) or retinoid (night)—wait a couple of minutes for it to penetrate the skin and truly soak in.

5.  Mix and match masks for a custom treatment

If you’ve got an oily T-zone and one weird dry patch on your cheek, one all-over mask isn’t going to help with both issues. Spot treat with the product you need, where you need it—a rich moisturizing cream isn’t going to help a shiny forehead.

6. Rinse and repeat

Beauty buffs swear by double cleansing to truly scrub your face clean before bed. Start with an oil-based cleanser to gently break down makeup, sunscreen and any pollutants that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day, and then follow with a water-based cleanser to rinse everything away.

7. Beautify from the inside out

Turns out, what’s on the inside really is what counts: the food and beverages you consume can have a major effect on your skin’s health. Take your vitamins, cut down on the sugar, and trade your soda for skin-balancing herbal teas.

8. Get sun smart

We already know to layer on some SPF daily, but did you know sunglasses are a critical part of sun safety (and/or eternal youth) too? Keep your sunglasses stashed in your bag in a cute case year-round to protect your eyes from UV rays and ward off crow’s feet, under-eye bags and sun spots.

9. Maximize your beauty sleep

Feel and look better by getting a good night’s rest. Sleeping for the recommended seven to nine hours per night decreases the amount of cortisol (aka the stress hormone) in your body, improving skin quality. Having trouble getting or staying asleep? Wear a silk eye mask to block out light, buy a comfortable mattress and pillows, and keep electronics out of the bedroom.