How to Get Your Best Summer Hair Ever

The experts at AG reveal the secrets to healthy summer hair

The experts at AG reveal the secrets to healthy summer hair

Summer is finally here: that means pool parties, soaking up the sun and splashing in the sea. Your hair, though, is probably less thrilled about the changing seasons—chlorine, UV rays, salt water and sand can do some serious damage to your locks. Luckily, the experts at AG Hair know a thing or two about treating your hair right while you make the most of every single day of your summer.

1. Master the mask

“I don’t think enough people take the time to put hair masks in,” says AG Hair co-founder Lotte Davis. “It’s vital to do that, even if you’re using great products.” Using a hair mask will reinvigorate damaged locks with a concentrated treatment that regular conditioning just can’t achieve. Carve out some time weekly—maybe while you’re trying out that new face mask?—for maximum results.

2. Clear out the chlorine

Pool parties are the best; chlorine-green hair is definitely not. A clarifying shampoo with EDTA (like AG’s Renew) will gently wash out those damaging chemical deposits and reset your hair’s pH balance so you can keep splashing around in style.

3. Always use (ahem) protection

We’re all well aware of the damage UV rays can do to your skin (sorry, tanning beds!), but while we happily slather on the sunscreen, we rarely take our hair into consideration. A BB Cream coats and protects against sun damage, leaving hair feeling thicker and healthier, even through the hottest August afternoon.

4. Stock up on dry shampoo for your road trip

Even the hair pros know you’re just having too much fun in the summer to shampoo, so Lotte recommends bringing a colour-matching dry shampoo along for the ride. “Our dry shampoo smells amazing, even my daughters like it… and they’re my harshest critics,” she laughs.

5. Fight the frizz

That BB Cream we just mentioned? It can help your hair resist humidity, too. But for added help in the fight against frizz, an argan oil anti-humidity finishing spray like AG’s Frizzproof will work some serious magic by creating an invisible, weightless shield for your hair and leaving it looking silky-smooth.

6. Travel light

A two-in-one product that works as both a shampoo and a body wash will keep your hair feeling fresh and help you avoid over-packing on your next summer getaway (you want to save room in your carry-on for souvenirs, no?). AG’s Peppermint Wash is a great option to give you double duty in just one bottle.

Photo: Clinton Hussey; Hair: Erin Klassen; Makeup: Ana Allen; Model: Jasmine Arora from Key Model Managment; Swimsuit: Londre