How to Hydrate Hair for a Spring Shine

After winter's harsh conditions, hydrate your hair and return to a healthy shine

After winter’s harsh conditions, hydrate your hair and return to a healthy shine with tips from REDAVID Salon Products

Spring is just around the corner… and winter’s stressors have certainly taken a toll. Like the snow slows down city roads, the chilly weather also wreaks havoc on your hair. As the seasons bring warmer weather, it’s time to rehydrate those locks, ensuring hair feels healthy again.

One challenge in getting tresses back to a healthy shine is rehydrating without overdoing it and ending up with a greasy look. How do you repair that hair without weighing it down?

Here are three top tips for making hair shine this spring…

1. Shampoo

Often, shampoo is the first product to touch your hair in normal hair routine, so ensuring you’ve got proper selection down is key. The trick with shampoo is making sure it’s cleansing excess oil and product away without drying out hair. To do this, you need a combination of product, technique and even a secret or two.

Product: Be sure you’re selecting the right product for your hair type. If you’ve got thick, curly hair, a shampoo that has natural oils will work wonders in cleaning your hair while adding moisture. If you’ve got finer hair, avoid oil-based shampoos and stick to a delicate shampoo that removes the daily grit and product buildup that robs hair of its natural beauty.

Technique: Once you have the right product, technique is key. When shampooing, be sure to massage the product into your scalp to remove excess dirt and oils. Let the shampoo rinse through to your ends for an overall clean but avoid working the product into your ends as this will dry your hair out.

Tip: Massage shampoo into the scalp using the pads of your fingers rather than your nails. This will work the product into your hair without irritating the scalp.

2. Conditioner

While shampoo is designed to clean your hair, conditioner is designed to hydrate. For optimal results, a combination of factors is also at play.

Product: Again, selecting the right product is key. For coarse or curly hair, an oil-based conditioner that detangles, moisturizes and creates a beautiful shine is the goal, whereas fine hair demands a delicate conditioner that hydrates and protects.

Technique: The trick with conditioner is to apply it from the ends to just half-way up the hair. Avoid applying conditioner to your roots to allow your hair’s natural oils to do their job.

Tip: When rinsing out conditioner, leave a little bit in the ends. A quick rinse will get rid of the heavy conditioner that can cause a greasy look.

3. Post-shower care

Once hair is clean and hydrated, the selection of suitable post-shower products is the final step in attaining a health shine. Being mindful of your post-shower products involves a few steps.

Product: Choosing a product that hydrates without greasy side effects can be tricky. Products like the Redavid Dual Therapy are great options as they repair overly processed and environmentally-damaged hair, while adding the moisture needed to create shine.

Technique: Over-application of hair products can be to the detriment of healthy hair. While the risk of exposing your hair to the elements can make it tempting to add more product, try to apply product sparingly.

Tip: To keep that shine going from day to night, keep a “secret weapon” product handy at all times. Our favourite is the Redavid Orchid Oil, which tames frizz while adding a boost of hydration.