Lash Products That Really Work

Dream of one day having long, lush lashes? These lash-growth products can help

Want voluminous, full, fluttery lashes? Try these products

In case there’s any doubt: Yes, lash growth serums really do work. They extend the natural life cycle of your lashes, so lashes don’t fall out as quickly. So each lash has a chance to grow a little bit thicker and longer, creating a fuller lashline. And, of course, these serums are all extremely nourishing so your lashes are getting beautifully conditioned with each application. The result? Eyes look younger, mascara looks better and you’ll need less makeup overall.

What’s just as exciting as the serums themselves is the increase of supporting players. Specialty products from mascaras to eye makeup removers are designed to reinforce the benefits of lash serums. Many of these products contain the same beneficial ingredients, which will definitely help maintain good results. But know that on their own, you won’t see much difference – they must be used in conjunction with a lash growth serum if that’s the result you’re after.

Generally, you want to apply the serum onto clean, dry lashes, as close to the roots as possible. Allow it to absorb and dry completely before applying makeup. These serums also work on eyebrows, so treat your brows at the same time if you have any sparse areas. You’ll need to apply serum for a few weeks, then just follow up with two to three applications a week for maintenance.

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Elizabeth Arden, Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum, $115

This serum features a triple peptide complex, complemented by vitamins and lash conditioners. After two weeks, you’ll see a noticeable difference. The wand applicator is a thin, narrow brush, which makes it a cinch to apply right at the roots so there’s no wasting product. The serum is a clear, lightweight gel that absorbs quickly.

Available at London Drugs

blinc, Long Lash Dramatic Natural Lash Enhancer, $60

This niche eye makeup brand is best known for its incredible tubing mascaras and eyeliners. Now the specialist in beautiful eyes offers up a lash serum to further help you achieve ultimate, fluttery eyes – all-natural, no stinging, no weird side effects.

Use blinc’s Long Lash serum twice a day and see results within two weeks. It has a milky lotion texture, which makes it easy to see as you apply it along the lashline. The tiny, stiff brush makes precise application a breeze.

Available at

LashFood, Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer, $81

Billed as the world’s first and only all-natural Ecocert-accredited lash enhancer, LashFood uses a proprietary blend of natural and organic ingredients to promote longer, thicker and darker lashes. This elixir of natural herbs and plant essences smells pleasantly of earthy honey and promises results in four weeks.

Available at Sephora

Givenchy, Mister Lash Booster, $35

For the person who doesn’t want to fuss with a separate lash serum, primer and (clear) mascara, this product is for you. The funky, angled brush tip deposits just the right amount of sea-molecule rich serum on your lashes, which can immediately be brushed out. The shape of the applicator also makes it ideal for running through brows.

Available at Sephora

Vichy, Liftactiv Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes, $45

This innovative serum deals with signs of anti-aging around the eyes while fortifying and protecting lashes at the same time. The result is a beautifully youthful look – all in one convenient pump bottle. Apply this as you would any eye cream, but massage well into lashes (and brows).

Available at London Drugs

Dior, Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum, $35

Technically a mascara primer, this can also be used as a serum at night time on its own. As a mascara base, it instantly adds volume; as a serum, it gradually promotes lashes to thicken and lengthen. Expect to see permanent results in about eight weeks.

Available at Sephora

Kate Somerville, True Lash, $36

One of the harshest things we do to our eyelashes happens when taking off eye makeup – the rubbing, tugging, scratching. It’s no surprise when we see a handful of lashes come off each time. Kate Somerville’s lash enhancing eye makeup remover is a multi-tasking formula that gently removes all eye makeup (including waterproof mascara) while pampering the eye’s delicate skin and nourishing lashes.

This advanced formula includes peptides to strengthen lashes, green and white teas to reduce the appearance of puffiness and rosehip, evening primrose and avocado extracts to firm the appearance of sagging skin.

Available at Sephora

Serum-infused Mascaras

If you’re using a lash growth serum, you can reinforce its effectiveness by treating your lashes to a specially formulated serum-infused mascara. These mascaras, generally, are lightweight and provide great colour and lengthening properties, but don’t add a ton of bulk. But who needs bulk when your lashes are growing thicker on their own?


Elizabeth Arden, Ceraminde Lash Extending Treatment Mascara, $28

Packed with ceramide to strengthen and revitalise lashes, this is a lovely, smooth formula that won’t clump or smudge.

Available at London Drugs


Revlon, Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara, $10.99

This formula contains a lash enhancing phyto-peptide complex to extend the natural growth cycle of your lashes in a lightweight texture that glides on beautifully.

Available at London Drugs


Almay, One Coat Get Up & Grow, $8.99

This is a pro-vitamin formula that is anti-breakage and protects against lash damage, allowing lashes to grown longer and thicker – a beautiful, smooth texture that’s foolproof.

Available at London Drugs


Artist Touch New York Mascara, $26

Designed with a treatment formula full of Vitamin B5, Gingko leaf extract, algae extract and other botanicals, this mascara will nourish while adding oomph to lashes. This one is by far the most dramatic and volumising mascara in this lot.

Available at Kiss and Makeup