MAC + MARGE: The Simpsons Makeup Collection

MAC's limited edition colour collection featuring The Simpsons is finally here, and it's eeeeexcellent

Credit: MAC

MAC celebrates 25 years of The Simpsons with a fun makeup collection

MAC’s limited edition colour collection featuring The Simpsons is finally here, and it’s eeeeexcellent. Marge as muse does not disappoint. This collection is fun, colourful and exuberant. But don’t worry, some of your other favourite Springfield icons can be found here – keep an eye out for Itchy & Scratchy, Lisa and Sideshow Bob.

This 10-piece collection features MAC’s own iconic items including lipglasses, false eyelashes, eye shadows and blushes. Rest assured, this is a Simpsons inspired collection – bright yellow foundation not included.

The MAC Simpsons collection is available now until October 2. Click through to see more makeup.

Credit: MAC

The Simpsons Tinted Lipglass, $20

MAC’s popular lipglass gets an infusion of punchy colour thanks to The Simpsons. Colours are vibrant, creamy and animated, perfect alone or layered over lipstick.

Shown above, left to right: Red Blazer (bright pink), Itchy and Scratchy (electric violet), Nacho Cheese Explosion (vivid yellow) and Grand Pumpkin (creamy orange)

Credit: MAC

The Simpsons Powder Blush, $28.50

MAC has two blushes in The Simpsons collection, Sideshow You (pictured above), a peachy-coral with a satin finish; and Pink Sprinkles, a bright candy pink also in satin finish.

Credit: MAC

The Simpsons Nail Stickers, $19

These bright yellow nail stickers wear like a traditional manicure, but without any drying time. The set comes with 16 stickers.

Credit: MAC

The Simpsons 7 Lash, $22

Love Marge’s lashes? These handmade lashes will give your eyes a striking frame. Keep them natural for a flirty look, or layer on mascara for more drama. 

Credit: MAC

The Simpsons Eye Shadow Quad, $53

MAC offers two eye shadow quads in The Simpsons collection – That Million Dollar Look with fun colours of lemon yellow, lime green and blackened teal; and Marge’s Extra Ingredients in complementary shades of pale pink, royal purple and (of course) electric blue.