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Men Are Raving About This Skin Care Brand

If rules are meant to be broken, Toronto's skin care leader BROmance got the memo

If rules are meant to be broken, Toronto’s skin care leader BROmance got the memo

The rule? Men’s grooming is the same as women’s self care. 

The truth? It’s actually unique, and BROmance knew that all along. The Toronto-based company understood that men were different. For one… do they even embrace “skin care”?

Likely not. Consider men like Max Short. “For the longest time, I wasn’t following any type of skin care regimen,” says Short. “My partner introduced me to BROmance after she saw them on social media, and I was willing to give them a try because of how simple they are.”

Short represents a large number of men, who want to look their best but can be skeptical about the whole process.

BROmance has become a game changer. If men doubt that products can help them look better, BROmamce provides the evidence… and a number of innovations. First, BROmance can be purchased online, saving store visits and those lengthy searches through a sea of products geared toward female consumers.

Furthermore, BROmance has introduced the BROscription. Men can get skin care products delivered right to the door—every two months—for the price of less than a cup of coffee a day. That’s unparalleled convenience.

Not content with simply shaking up delivery methods, BROmance set about changing what grooming meant. Co-founders knew men watched their partners take quite some time completing daily routines, and they knew men would not be interested in partaking in the same.

The answer? Simplicity. Even salon owners and skin care professionals are heralding how easy BROmance is to use. Kerri Martin, owner of Goldie Beauty Bar, mentions simplicity as one of the reasons she recommends BROmance. She adds, “This line is perfect for men looking for an easy skin care regimen.”

“Easy” and “skin care” don’t often go together. Consider that there are companies that would have men face upwards of a dozen steps each day, and you can see why BROmance needed to get in and shake things up. The company has made it so simple that anybody would want to get on board: two products, twice a day.

Yet the biggest reason men are fans of BROmance? The overwhelming positive results provided, all while using natural, simplified and purposeful ingredients.

Consider what regular user Brad Reynolds has to say, first about the cleanser: “It leaves my face feeling super clean and soft. The scent it has deserves a review on its own. It smells amazing,” he says. He adds, about the moisturizer: “It too smells amazing. It leaves my face looking its best. It’s very easy to apply.”

BROmance has quite simply changed the game. They’ve made it easier to look better in every way—by allowing men to access grooming products easier than ever before, by replenishing their stock as soon as needed… and, most importantly, by working well.