Mereadesso Combines Brains and Beauty for Simplified Skincare

Simplify your daily beauty regime with Mèreadesso, a single-step line of skincare products by beauty industry guru Linda Stephenson

Linda Stephenson created a skincare line that reflects the needs of people like herself – busy, working executives who need a pared-down routine

Simplify your beauty routine with these single-step solutions from Mèreadesso

Mèreadesso is a relatively new skincare line from beauty industry guru Linda Stephenson. With an honours degree in chemistry and biology (with a minor in botany to boot), along with international experience developing products for world-class cosmetics brands, Stephenson is the epitome of brains and beauty.

After years spent developing products for other companies, Stephenson decided to create her own skincare line that reflected the needs of people like herself – busy, working executives who need a pared-down routine without sacrificing healthy, glowing skin.

The result was a single-step skincare solution packed with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and botanical extracts that were globally sourced for their purity and effectiveness.

Multi-purpose Skincare Products

Each product takes on multiple roles in a single pump, squeeze or swipe. Stephenson realized that while other brands aimed to create niche products, she saw a solution going the other way: simplify the routine.

With Mèreadesso, the cleanser also exfoliates; the moisturizer also tones. There are no separate eye creams, day lotions, night serums; there are no separate lines for dry or oily skin. Mèreadesso was created for every woman and every man, for every skin type, for everyday. Can you see your medicine cabinet decluttering already?

The products are all packaged classically. The moisturizer and cleanser are housed in a long rectangular clear acrylic pump dispenser, which looks and feels Burberry-esque. I put a lot of stock in a product based on its packaging, and Mèreadesso’s done a great job ensuring all its products are housed and dispensed elegantly. Everything, inside and out, is top-notch, no-fuss.

Face and Neck Cleanser (120ml, $45)

This cleanser comes with a microfiber cloth to gently exfoliate while you cleanse. I love this method of cleaning, first made popular by Liz Earler in the UK. It’s gentle, effective and gives your face a lovely massage while you clean, helping to boost circulation. The cleanser and cloth come in a re-usable plastic pouch.

The cleanser is an all-in-one makeup remover, masque, scrub, toner and shaving product suitable for all skin types. It features Bulgarian rose extract and aloe vera to soothe, and jojoba and grape seed oils to help break down makeup.

It’s a non-foaming formula that’s gentle on your skin, leaving it incredibly soft and refreshed, but it’s effective enough to tackle waterproof mascara and other long-wearing makeup (Yes! Safe for use around the eyes).

Tip: Washing your face is an excellent time to tend to your lips. Use a finger covered with the microfiber cloth and gently buff off any flaky bits. Regular maintenance will ensure you always have smooth, pretty, lipstick-ready lips.

All-in-one Moisturizer (50ml, $120)

This all-in-one moisturizer (formerly Face and Neck Toning Gel) replaces your toner, serum, primer, day cream, night cream and eye cream. Talk about efficient!

This is a lightweight gel that is tinted light green (naturally, with chlorophyll) to help even out any redness in the skin, but is also packed with 16 botanical extracts, eight minerals and enzymes and over 20 antioxidants sourced from around the world to give your skin a healthy boost of nutrients, moisture and protection. Absorbs quickly and makeup applies over it like a dream.

Tip: Use it as a masque. I love putting on a thick layer of this at night (over serum) and letting it slowly absorb as I sleep. My skin the next morning, no matter how exhausted I feel, looks radiant.

The Beautiful Body Balm (200 ml, $54)

This body lotion is lovely and emollient. My dry skin drinks it up greedily. It does take a little while to completely absorb, but once it does it visibly improves skin texture, leaving it feeling plump and happily hydrated. Great for the body, hands and feet.

It has a faint scent that reminds me of a spa, nothing floral and definitely gender-neutral. It just smells pleasant if not slightly relaxing; it does dissipate so no worries about it competing with your signature fragrance.

This luxe lotion is blended with eight vitamins and minerals and 28 botanical extracts to nourish your skin. Algae extracts, caffeine, copper, arginine, grapefruit, and Brazilian cocoa help with circulation and toning, helping with the appearance of cellulite.

Tip: Smooth the tiniest amount over the hair to tame flyaways and frizzies.

Lip Treats (1.2g, 2 for $28)

This lip balm was definitely designed by a thinking woman: Firstly, there are two in a package (brilliant!) one for your purse and one for the bathroom, the office, your pocket, etc. I always need more than one. Secondly, it’s in stick form so your fingers never need dip into a pot of increasingly germy salve, only to be left gummy after application.

These balms truly are a treat for your lips. Made with evening primrose, grape seed, coconut and sunflower oils, and fortified with vitamins C and E, they’re a luscious, moisturizing treat for your lips.

They also serve as an excellent primer, helping lipstick and lipgloss last longer without feathering. Available in clear and two buildable tinted colours: sheer burgundy and sheer pink.

Tip: The clear lip treat is also an excellent cuticle treatment. Also, the pouch these come in is the perfect size for holding business cards.

Available online at Mèreadesso