Natural Beauties

Green cosmetics that won't leave you smelling like sheep yogurt.

Credit: Clinton Hussey

Forty years ago, we were more than happy to slather on chemicals, parabens and silicones in our continuing effort to conquer the ravages of time and look our best. Only crazy, filthy hippies went on about handmade goat’s milk soap and beer shampoo. But as Bob Dylan once sang, the times they are a changin’, to the point where green, all-natural, organic, vegan-friendly and eco-conscious have become the new watchwords of the cosmetics industry. Only now we needn’t smell like sheep yogurt after a long, hot shower.

Natural Beauties
Product Key
1. La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Night Solution made from a proprietary aquaculture of ocean botanicals. Partial proceeds from each purchase benefit Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. $225,

2. Rocky Mountain Soap Oatmeal and Honey soap, $4.99,

3. Killian Perfume Six all-natural scents from the scion of the Hennessey Cognac family. The cut crystal bottles are to be reused and refilled from one of six in-store casks. $225 ($115 per refill),

4. John Masters Organics Mandarin Maximum Moisture concentrated revitalizer, $63,

5. Rocky Mountain Soap Foot Butter (travel size), $7.49,

6. Spa Binge Organics Rare White Grapefruit Body Shea Rich Cream made from 100 per cent organic, vegan, carbon-offset active ingredients, $42,

7. John Masters Organics Organics Linden Blossom Face Cleanser, $27,

8. Care Stella McCartney Toning Floral Water, $40,

9. Kiehl’s Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser, $21 (100 per cent of net profits benefit JPF Eco Systems, a charitable foundation created with Brad Pitt to support global environmental initiatives),

10. Care Stella McCartney 5 Benefits Moisturizing Crème with 100 per cent organic active ingredients, $88,

11. Live Clean Green Earth certified organic, plant-derived, pure vegan Strong Hold Styling Gel, $6.99,

12. Skyn Iceland Icelandic-based Relief Eye Cream, $49.50,

13. Rocky Mountain Soap Mountain Man (blue bar), $4.99,

14. Escents Organics Matcha Tea Vegan Soap, $4.99,

15. Deserving Thyme Purifying Body Scrub, $26,

16. Escents Verve handmade soap, $4.95,

17. La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Tonic, $110,

18. Live Clean Green Earth Firm Hold Styling Spray, $6.99,

19. Live Clean Fresh Water Liquid Hand Soap, $4.99.

20. Spa Binge Organics Rare White Grapefruit Body Shea Lotion, $23,

21. Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar made of nori and Irish moss, $9.95,

22. Rocky Mountain Soap Company Natural Jasmine Perfume, $28.99,

23. Kibio Intense Intemporelle Cream with rosehip, argan and ho wood, $52 at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations

24. Lush Sea Vegetable Soap, $7.25/100 grams,

25. Skyn Iceland Oxygen Infusion Night Cream, $110,

26. Escents Organics Matcha Tea Detoxifying Body Scrub, $19.95,

27. Deserving Thyme Muscle & Joint Massage & Bath Oil, $14.95,

28. Lush Shave The Planet Non-lathering Shaving Cream, $14.95,