Natural Beauty Products Made in BC

From creams and moisturizers to toners and balms, here are a few natural BC-made skincare products that are environmentally friendly, free of toxic chemicals and free of animal testing

Credit: Ann Danilevich

Check ingredients labels when buying natural skincare products to ensure they’re free of toxins

If you’re itching to ditch your chemical-laden beauty products, here are a few natural homegrown options

British Columbia’s bourgeoning natural beauty and skincare industry has produced a multitude of options for those looking for an alternative to conventional beauty and skincare products.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell whether what you’re putting on your skin is truly natural, especially with so many companies jumping on the green skincare bandwagon. Many products labelled “natural” contain only a small percentage of natural ingredients and can also include harsh chemicals and toxins.

The only sure way to tell if a product is truly natural is by reading the ingredients list. A good rule of thumb is not to buy beauty and skincare products that do not have an ingredients list or that have a list full of ingredients you can’t understand.   

The following natural or organic skincare lines are environmentally friendly, free of toxic chemicals, free of animal testing, and are made in BC. Many of them are also vegan and gluten-free.

Scentuals Body Care (Coquitlam)

Mai Mowrey created Scentuals Body Care products after learning how environmental toxins can adversely affect health. Mowrey became determined to create products that help rather than hurt people. Scentuals Body Care products are handmade from natural oils and botanicals and include natural skin creams, exfoliating scrubs, soaps, hair conditioning bars, and lip balms.

Favourite product: Naked, 100% Natural Hand and Body Lotion. This light-textured lotion leaves skin feeling fresh and delivers a serious punch of moisture. It is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin.

Natural Beauty SkinCare (North Vancouver)

Created 18 years ago by Suzanne Laurin-Seale for the Nature’s Creations Aromatherapy Day Spa, Natural Beauty SkinCare produces green skincare products using “an uncompromising natural process.”

These products are good for you and good for the planet—and they feel great on the skin.

Favourite product: Rose Geranium Cleansing Milk. This gentle non-foaming cleanser is appropriate for most skin types and has a decadent rose scent that isn’t overpowering.

La Vigne Organic Skincare (Coquitlam)

La Vigne Organic Skincare was created by Linda Zaurrini, who was inspired by the healing secrets of the ancient Mayans. Mayans used tepezcohuite, an ingredient derived from Mexico’s “skin tree” as an anti-aging and skin regenerative product. 

Zaurrini based her organic skincare line around this ingredient and combined it with other carefully sourced natural and organic ingredients such as Shea butter. The result is a line of chemical-free products that nourish and protect the skin.

Favourite product: Mayan Magic Balm. This thick butter-textured balm works like magic to heal dry and damaged skin.

Carol’s (Gibsons)

Created by certified master herbalist Carol Barber in 1995, Carol’s is a handcrafted natural skincare line based on certified organic and wild herbs and essential oils.

All Carol products are suitable for sensitive skin and include face creams, scrubs and masks, toners, body lotions, baby cream, and even mouthwash.

Favourite product: Calendula Primrose Cream. With a very light sent, this deep moisturizing cream will leave your skin feeling soft for hours.

Aroma Crystal (Salt Spring Island)

Aroma Crystal products are based on pure essential oils and are influenced by vibration therapy. This natural skincare line was created by Jane Janzen, who is committed to creating non-GMO, environmentally friendly products with no chemicals.

Favourite product: Ohm Cream. An aromatic, lavender-scented night face cream that is light and nourishing.

Bless Your Face (North Vancouver)

Bless Your Face was created by Erin Northcott and Jody Sillence in 2008 after an experiment in Northcott’s kitchen led to a natural solution for healing blemished skin.

No longer confined to the kitchen, these products are made in an organic-only facility with flower extracts, plants, and essential oils. Bless Your Face also produces a men’s skincare line.

Favourite product: Rejuvenating Toner. This alcohol-free toner does not overpower your senses and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.