Nira’s Day-to-Night Holiday Beauty Tips

Stay flawless this holiday season with Virgin Radio's Nira Arora's favourite beauty and style tips

Stay flawless this holiday season with Nira’s favourite beauty and style tips

One of the hardest parts about getting all glammed up for holiday parties is that you have to work during the day and be ready to party by the evening, or you’re a mom on-the-go like me and have 101 things to do in the day before it’s party time. In most cases, you don’t have time to rush home, change and do your hair and makeup.

Well, I’m here to help you with that dilemma! I have two little boys (with a third on the way), plus I have a full time careerlife is busy!

I’ve been looking for easier ways to get party-ready fast so click through for my tips…

Impress Nails

I hardly ever, ever have time to get a manicure (not that I don’t want to… I would love to), but seriously, I can’t find the time and then an event comes up and I regret not getting my nails done. Here’s an easy solution if you are ever in the same boat as me. 

I never thought that I would ever recommend press-on nails, but these are different. I’ve worn them on four different occasions and I get complimented on my nails every time. Nobody believes me that they are press on! 

Easy and convenient, put them on that day (or even a couple days before) and for me, they last about a week. You can keep them in your purse, and press them on during your lunch break too.

You can even file them down to the length you prefer, but just give yourself a couple of minutes to figure out which nail fits your nail bed the best. I personally love the matte metallic colours; they are super hot.

Credit: Artina’s


I was walking around Gastown and had the most amazing experience when I saw the jewellery shop Artina’s. I remember this place from Victoria, and had no idea it had made its way to the Lower Mainland. 

This is a hidden treasure in Gastown that you must check out. Artina’s has all local handmade items that are so original, it makes you proud to be Canadian when you walk in there. Each piece is super versatile. You can wear them to work and they can easily transition into the evening which is a great option if you are attending a Christmas party.

My trick is to wear a pendant with a long necklace to work paired with an oversized sweater, and switch it to the shorter necklace for the night. My favourite is the Raven pendant (shown above) by Olympic medal designer Corrine Hunt. It’s an elegant, subtle statement piece.

Credit: Rimpy Sahota

Satin blouse and skirt

Oversized sweaters and blazers are a huge trend right now, which makes it even easier to wear something party-worthy underneath.

I love this Amira Black satin crop-top blouse and Bernetta Black satin skirt ensemble by local designer Rimpy Sahota. Black is always totally chic, not to mention super versatile. The pencil skirt is stretchy and lined with body contouring that gives you a smooth silhouette. Not only does it look amazing, it’s comfortable enough to take from work to a night out. Throw on an oversized sweater and you’re ready to go out after your 9 to 5.

Credit:  IS Salon

De Fabulous Curling Iron

Sometimes all your hair needs is a hit of volume, but imagine getting that volume in three seconds!

With ionic technology, the De Fabulous curling iron creates curls in seconds, and you can have your hairdo ready in less than twp minutestalk about life-changing! I tried it out at the IS Salon in Yaletown, and loved how it also makes my hair shinier and eliminates frizz at the same time.

A great tip is to take the iron to work for the day or leave it in your office drawer. If you need a quick touch-up before you head out, curl it, give it a little spray and off you go.

Credit: London Drugs

Beauty Blenders

You’re leaving the house in the morning and you’ve got a party to attend a good nine hours later that day. Well, take this one extra step in the morning to keep your face looking looking fresh and dewy from dusk till dawn.

Use beauty blender sponges to apply your makeup in the a.m. It makes a world of difference! Try not to use dry powdery products and instead use liquid and cream-based ones. Try the e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) blending sponges (pictured, available at London Drugs) to smooth the products on your face for a creamy, natural look. Don’t forget to wet the sponge with water before you blend.

Ask any self-professed beauty lover and they’ll tell you beauty blenders really are a girl’s best friend.