Discover Youthful Radiance with Pangea Organics’ 5-step Skincare Kit

Feed your skin with the highest quality antioxidant nutrients from Pangea Organics

Credit: iStock / gvictoria

Nutrient-dense organic ingredients give Pangea Organics’ products 30% more antioxidants

Antioxidant-rich formulas deliver anti-aging results in Pangea Organics’ skincare products

Did you know that organic ingredients offer higher antioxidant content than non-organic ingredients? Consider it nature-powered performance.

Pangea Organics skincare products avoid all synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals and use only organic ingredients, which are more nutrient-dense and contain 30% more antioxidants.

The ecocentric approach to body care has won the company numerous awards from Allure, Real Simple and many others. Give it a try with its five-step discovery kit:

  1. Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Cleanser: A gentle yet effective cleanser that nourishes, protects, softens and soothes.
  2. Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean and Cranberry Facial Scrub: Polishes the skin’s surface without disrupting its natural balance.
  3. Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry Facial Mask: This does everything! It deep cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, tones, hydrates and prevents wrinkles.
  4. French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Toner: Toner completes the cleansing process, removing all traces of dirt and oil and preparing the skin for moisturizer.
  5. Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Cream: This cream is the best for dry skin – think superior hydration.

Grab your Pangea Organics discovery kit at Beauty Mark in Yaletown.