Rejuvenate Your Skin with OxyLift

This new tool helps give your skin a youthful, nourished glow  

Credit: Oxylift

OxyLift’s handheld device and skincare products give your skin the youthful appearance you’re looking for

OxyLift lets you revitalize your skin without expensive treatments

Sun exposure, stress, lack of sleep and even the foods we eat can contribute to dull, saggy and wrinkled skin. Unfortunately, the cost of skincare treatments can add up very quickly.

If you’re looking for simple at-home treatments, try OxyLift, a small, electric hand-held device that stimulates the skin with micro current pulsations.

OxyLift actually improves circulation with 164,000 cycles per second effectively massaging your skin’s surface. This encourages oxygen flow to the skin’s surface with the goal of plumping out lines and wrinkles and tightening the appearance of your skin.

Each two-minute session is like giving yourself a mini-facial.

OxyLift also offers natural skin care products, made from all-natural and organic ingredients. Here are some of my favourites:

HydraMist: This product contains 72 essential oils to help re-energize tired skin. A few mists a day will keep you looking fresh.

Lift Serum: This rejuvenating anti-aging serum for all skin types contains natural pigment faders, which helps brighten the skin while adding firmness and elasticity to help you look younger.

Firm Cream: Saggy skin is one of biggest contributors to an aging look. Organic ingredients add firmness using a blend of active lifting ingredients, so you’ll look younger.