Share and Shine: How to Chat With Your Stylist

Leo Redavid offers the best ways to chat with your hair stylist to ensure great style

Leo Redavid of REDAVID Salon Products explains how to chat with your hairdresser to ensure great style

With the Simply Beautiful #editorsbox, the editorial team of BCLiving has extolled the virtues of Redavid Salon Products, recommending the incredible Orchid Oil Treatment recently in a winter 2017 collection. As a new season dawns, and spring looks are freshened up, Leo Redavid provides pointers on how to talk with your hairdresser before, during and after your visit, to ensure a look that best suits your style.

Here are five tips from an expert voice…

  1. “Before even making the call to book an appointment, check the type of work they do on social media to see if their work is compatible with what you are looking for. Often times, hairdressers will have their personal work on Instagram so you can easily gauge an individual’s talent and whether they are the best fit for you. Even better, show them an example of one of their own hair photos that you like and you are guaranteed a better experience.”
  1. “If you can’t find them on Instagram, bring three pictures of looks you like and ask your stylist if they think the styles are attainable for your hair type or face shape. It’s important to be very clear on what you want and to share your concerns. Hairdressers appreciate honesty as much as clients do.” 
  1. “If the stylist is hesitant, ask them instead to show you three looks that they think will be attainable. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what you’ve always wanted… without being realistic as well. If you have super curly or coarse hair, a photo of a style that works for fine hair may look quite different on you.” 
  1. “If colour services are involved, remember that corrections, highlights or balayage take time. Always ask about price and time required, so there are no surprises when the bill comes or if it is going to take more than one visit to obtain your desired look.”
  1. “Lastly—but most importantly—always ask what maintenance is required to keep that salon-fresh look every day. It is important to know what products or brushes you will need and what techniques will recreate the look over and over again. For example, if you’ve just gone blonde, having the right shampoo will make all the difference. If you plan on using a lot of heat in your styling, for example, ensuring that you have hydrating and protective products is key. Knowing what you need to maintain your look after you leave the salon is half the battle.”