Tested: SugarCane Natural Skincare, Omega-3 Eye Serum

Local beauty line perks up tired eyes with all-natural eye serum.

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Local beauty line SugarCane Natural Skincare perks up tired eyes with all-natural eye serum

We’ve all had those mornings—after a full day of working hard and hitting the hay, you wake up the next morning only to find that your eyes look like they’ve been partying all night while the rest of you was sleeping.

The solution? Sweeten up those tired eyes!

If you’re looking for an eye treatment made with natural ingredients that moisturizes, smells great and is locally made, then I highly recommend the Omega-3 Eye Serum from SugarCane Natural Skincare.

Based out of Surrey, SugarCane believes in living a simple lifestyle, especially by using products with only the “bare necessities” to keep your skin glowing, healthy and naturally beautiful. This cruelty-free brand also strays from using any genetically modified organisms (GMO), petrochemicals, synthetics or harmful ingredients. Each product created by SugarCane Natural Skincare contains active ingredients that stimulate skin to help brighten, moisturize, re-energize and renew, depending on the type of product you choose.

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Using the natural anti-aging, exfoliating and moisturizing properties of glycolic acid found in sugarcane combined with the essential fatty acids found in Omega-3, this eye serum helps banish dark circles, fine lines and reduce puffiness while sleeping. As well, green tea is added to provide antioxidants and chamomile for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, the naturally sweet aroma of the sugarcane combined with the natural plant and fruit extracts are oh-so mouth-watering!

I’ve been using this product for almost five months and compared to other eye creams, this one definitely takes the cake. It doesn’t irritate or dry my sensitive skin, and because the product’s consistency is very light, you can also use it in the summer without it feeling heavy on your face.

Having used the serum on my whole face—not just my eyes—I have found that my skin overall is moisturized by the time I wake up. Using other creams, I find that my cheeks have dry, red patches even when using products dedicated for “sensitive skin” types. I find it takes some time before my skin can get used to non-natural creams and lotions.

The differences you feel on your face lasts while you use the serum—but lately I’ve cut down my usage and still find that it’s a lot more supple than before I used it.

SugarCane offers a range of facial skincare products on their website for purchase. Check out the website and the Etsy Store.

By supporting this local product, you’re also supporting their Green Initiative, which ensures that their products are manufactured with the highest concern for the environment. This includes cold processing, using recycled plastic packaging and, soon, a bottle-return program where 1 percent of their proceeds go toward 1% for The Planet.


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