The Most Expensive Facial in Vancouver

At $550, the Auteur advanced facial is an extravagance. But if you're someone who sees skincare as an investment, the price is actually reasonable. Hear us out

It’s certainly pricey, so is it worth it?

At $550, the Auteur advanced facial is an extravagance. But if you’re someone who sees skincare as an investment, the price is actually reasonable.

Hear us out.

The world of Auteur

Your treatment features The World of Auteur products. This is a premium luxury skincare line from Germany whose concentrated formulas accelerate cellular repair and restore skin’s optimal functions and appearance. Their highly active products feature ingredients like peptides, growth factors, per-fluorocarbons and photo-actives. The research and development behind these types of products is extensive and, inevitably, expensivethe Serum Composition No. 1 alone costs $1,650. You’ll get to try numerous Auteur products during your facial for less than the price of their eye cream ($560).

Your treatment also includes an aromatherapy scalp treatment, hair mask and hand/arm massage. And you’ll get to try an enzyme cleanser, lifting toner, optimizing mask, hyaluron activator serum and creams for density, eyes and décolleté—all from Auteur.

Advanced treatments

While this facial is non-invasive, your skin will be treated by two advanced devices. The Perle 24K Gold Ultrasonic Exfoliator uses high-frequency vibrations and a 24K gold spatula to efficiently lift up the gunk on the surface of your skin. It’s incredibly satisfying to see what this device is able to loosen.

You’ll also receive a (painless) laser treatment from the Lyma laser device, touted as “the ultimate skin rejuvenation tool” by Harper’s Bazaar and “the gold standard for at-home skincare devices” by Forbes. It’s advertised as 100 times more powerful than LED devices, and reduces wrinkles as well as improves skin elasticity, skin texture and skin tone. The Lyma laser device costs over $3,000. So, again, this facial is actually an inexpensive way to try out this revolutionary and expensive device.

Total relaxation, head to toe

The treatment bed itself can’t be overlooked. It’s like getting swaddled in a plush, warm, super-soft nest that has proper linens and a real pillow. If you’re going to spend 90 minutes lying still for a facial, the bed is nearly just as important as the treatmentand this one was premium.

Dental spas: the evolution of new luxury

The concept of spa dental practices might seem new in Canada, but they’ve become common in more upscale markets such as New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles. They first began with simpler services, like hand massages as a means to help reduce the stress so many of us experience while at the dentist. Eventually, some dental clinics started merging spa-like amenities with non-dental specific services, all in the same location.

Theory and Essence is an elegant medi-spa in North Vancouver, offering elevated skin treatments, such as the Auteur facial. This factual is offered at two levels: definitive ($350, 75-minutes) and advanced ($550, 90-minutes).