Top Face Essentials for Fall 2018

Keep your face healthy and glowing—no matter how cold or dry the weather gets

Keep your face healthy and glowing—no matter how cold or dry the weather gets

From everyday lightweight formulas to overnight repairing moisturizers, these top products will become an integral part of your skin-care routine as we transition from warm weather to the crisp fall air…


1. Sweet Almond + Carrot Seed Face Serum by Midnight Paloma

We’re huge fans of Vancouver-based Midnight Paloma’s 100 percent organic products, and this all-natural serum (pictured above) is definitely a top pick. It’s packed with a number of goodies for your skin—such as carrot seed oil, jojoba, rosehip seed oil and vitamin E—to keep your face looking and feeling rejuvenated. Use this moisturizing formula in the morning and evening for best results.
Available at Midnight Paloma, $30


2. Balance Facial Moisturizer by Ativo Skincare

Keep your skin hydrated and soft with this moisturizer by Ativo Skincare. Made with holistic, organic ingredientssuch as green tea leaf extract, chamomile, and primrose oilit’s perfect for all skin types even if you’re prone to acne or blemishes. Gently apply this product using an upward circular motion when you wake up, and before you go to bed.
Available at Ativo Skincare, $40


3. Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream by First Aid Beauty

Give your face a burst of hydration with this cream by First Aid Beauty. The coconut water instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft, healthy and glowing. We also love that it’s oil-free and filled with electrolytes to lock in moisture.
Available at First Aid Beauty and Sephora, starting at $42


4. Revitalize Featherlight Face Lotion by Huna Apothecary

Just like the name suggests, this lotion by Winnipeg’s Huna Apothecary is super lightweightand a fabulous option if you’re looking for balanced, clear and hydrated skin. It’s specially formulated with GLA-complex that will protect the skin from various climate conditions and it also acts as a great primer before makeup application. Talk about a bonus!
Available at Huna Apothecary, $98


5. Glow Seaberry Face Lotion by Cheri Arome

Baby-soft skin is definitely achievable with this face lotion. Seaberry Oil is super rich in vitamin C, fatty acids and antioxidants to help keep skin firm and healthy. Added natural goodies include camellia sinesis seed oil, rosehip oil and aloe vera. Use this product daily, both morning and night for best results.
Available at Cheri Arome, $24.99


6. The Sublime Balm by Okoko Cosmetics

Local brand Okoko Cosmetics uses high-performance botanical ingredients that work towards giving your skin a rejuvenated look. Add the Sublime Balm to your daily routine for a fresh and naturally glowing complexion. We also can’t get enough of this cream’s soft, whipped texture and its yummy vanilla scent.
Available at Okoko Cosmetics, $95


7. Beauty Rest’ore Hydrating Sheet Mask by MaskerAide

Here’s a quick and simple solution to improve hydration in just 10 to 20 minutes. MaskerAide’s face sheets are made from Tencel, a 100 percent biodegradable cellulosic fiber which purifies and packs in moisture almost instantly. P.S. If you travel a lot, these products are a fabulous option to throw in your suitcase.
Available at MaskerAide, $7


8. Hydrating Facial Serum by Scentuals

Perfect for all skin types, this hydrating serum is infused with grapeseed oil, coconut oil and organic argan oil to give your skin a healthy and radiant complexion. Take two to four drops of the formula and delicately massage it into your face for glowing skin. It’s as simple as that!
Available at Scentuals, starting at $45


9. On The Mend Night Repair Oil by Delia Organics

This little jar of goodness by Delia Organics not only hydrates your face overnight, but also focuses on restoring elasticity thanks to botanical hyaluronic acid, licorice root oil (which calms the skin) and organic calendula oil that soothes any type of inflammation.
Available at Delia Organics, $38


10. Rose Deep Hydration Cream by Fresh

Keep your face hydrated and healthy 24 hours a day with this cream by Fresh that uses a time-release technology to lock in extra moisture. This lightweight rosewater formula will have your skin feeling nourished no matter how dry it gets outside.
Available at Fresh and at Sephora, $50