Top 6 Vancouver Salons for Eyelash Extensions

Get luxurious lashes at these tried-and-trued local lash bars

Get luscious lashes without batting an eye

In Vancouver’s wet, misty weather, drooping lashes and running mascara are a constant worry. The solution? Eyelash extensions. You go to sleep with perfect lashes and you wake up with perfect lashes. And aside from avoiding oil-based products and not wearing eyeliner and mascara, there’s very little change to your usual makeup routine.

To learn more about the application process, check out our 101 on eyelash extensions and click through for our favourite local lash bars.


Lash Lab, Yaletown

Lash Lab owner, Judy Anderson, is intent on giving Vancouverites the best lash extension experience possible and, for her, that starts with consumer education. “Don’t be afraid to ask about a technician’s experience,” she advises. Currently, students get only one day of instruction in school about lash extensions before graduating. That’s not nearly enough time says Anderson, who started Lash Lab in San Francisco and has now expanded to Vancouver. She’s struck up a partnership with John Casablancas Institute to be a guest lecturer and provides students with more technical, hands-on experience.

Lash Lab’s “Natural Woman” look has an extension on every other lash, $219. The “Natural Diva” has an extension on every lash, $319.

Judy’s pro tip: While you absolutely want to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours, do practice proper daily eye hygiene. Judy’s seen women take the no-water rule to an extreme, which resulted in old makeup accumulating and blocking tear ducts.

For more tips and advice, watch Judy’s video here.

Located inside BeautyMark, 1268 Pacific Boulevard

Joanna Keller Beautique, Gastown

For a very private lash extension experience, Joanna Keller‘s live/work “beautique” in Gastown provides clients with a chic space that’s all about them when the appointment’s booked. With such a personalised setting, her clients appreciate being able to contact her via text whenever they need her. And if it’s an emergency, she even does lashes on location – that’s full service.

Her basic set of lash extensions is the “Classic Full Set,” $89.

Joanna’s pro tip: Pick a key area to add extra volume to provide dramatic effect, instead of having volume everywhere. Her clients’ favourite look at the moment? The cat-eye, which means adding extra lashes at the outer corners. (This costs approximately $25 more.)

#101-53 West Hastings Street

Noir Lash Lounge, Yaletown, North Van and Surrey

Joyce Poon, founder of Noir Lash Lounge, says, “Lashes aren’t just an added service, it’s [sic] our only service.” In fact, that’s Noir’s motto. They’ve looked at all the options for lash extensions and provided their clients with an easy-to-follow menu of options. Choose a style (demi to full), then choose the volume, shape and curl you want.

The entry level “Le Fling” (20-25 lashes on outer corners) is $40, and at the other end of the spectrum is “Viva La Volume (with multiple lash extensions on a single lash) at $250.

Joyce’s pro tip: An over-the-top look can be a fun splurge, but realise that you’ll be living with these extensions for many weeks. Maintenance is higher with more voluminous looks so think about what your everyday needs are and unless you really are chased around by paparazzi every day, consider (removable) false lashes for special events.

1150 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

#206-50 Lonsdale, North Vancouver

#106-15745 Croydon Drive, Surrey

The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup, Downtown

This gem of a studio is all about making you look amazing, whether you’re there for a makeover, a manicure or a full set of lash extensions. When it comes to extensions, owner Mika McInnes says her clients find them absolutely addictive and keep returning for a “natural dramatic” look that isn’t obvious, but makes people wonder what you’ve done differently.

A full set of lashes is $80, and a fill is $55.

Mika’s pro tip: Start off with a half set if you’re not sure if lash extensions are for you, and when it’s time to get them filled, you can upgrade easily to a full set then.

1054 Hornby Street

Touch of Beauty, Dunbar

Touch of Beauty is a charming day spa that’s been providing Vancouverites with a beauty haven on Dunbar for years. Owner, Elaine Wong is highly sought after for her light, deft touch. When it comes to lash extensions, she uses only high quality synthetics that mimic real mink hair. Elaine offers a complimentary consultation for new clients, where they can come in and fill out forms, check for any possible allergies to the adhesive and talk about their expectations for lash extensions (ex: price, style, volume, etc.).

“Natural” eyelash extensions, $70 (45+ lashes per eye); “Glamorous” eyelash extensions, $90 (70+ lashes per eye).

Elaine’s pro tip: Use an oil-free lash serum to protect and strengthen your natural lashes. This will also help slow down the rate at which your lashes naturally shed.

3291 Dunbar Street

Mink Lash Boutique, Downtown

At Mink Lash Boutique, the emphasis is on providing a premium, soft lash, whether it’s real or faux. They offer synthetic, Siberian mink and silk lashes. Kathy Nguyen, owner of Mink, is proud of all the research and testing they do to ensure the lashes and adhesive they offer are as safe as they are pretty.

A full set of faux mink is $99, fills are $59.

Kathy’s pro tip: You typically won’t need or want to wear mascara after having lash extensions, but if you find you simply can’t resist, ask them about their special, oil-free mascara, which was made especially for use with lash extensions.

1237 Burrard Street