Fall 2013 Beauty Trends

Expert tips to create fall's hottest beauty looks, including how to grow in those overplucked brows

Credit: Beauty Press/Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr shows off bold brows and lips

Expert tips on how to do beauty trends for fall 2013

Looking to freshen up your look this fall? With this pro advice from Vancouver makeup artist Cindy Leyland, you can create some of fall’s best looks: bold lips and big brows.

Big brows were seen all over the runways, including Versace, Calvin Klein and Chloe. If your brows are feeling a little thin, check out Leyland’s advice on how to get them back so they’re bigger and better than ever before.

Big Eyebrows

“Don’t be afraid – doesn’t mean that they have to be Groucho Marx and be dark, but obviously in your own natural hair colour, just thickened up a little bit, elongated a little bit. We’re seeing it all over the runways. And of course it can be tamed down for streetwear – not everybody’s going to walk around with massive eyebrows – but it definitely frames the face, definitely augments any type of makeup look and really makes you look a little bit different, gives you a bit of any edge.”

Bright, Bold Lip

“From spring, we saw light lilac, light pink and it’s just kind of moved through the summer in through a little bit more more poppy, candy popsicle colours and now we’re getting into something that’s a little bit more opaque, but still has bright opacity to it.”

How to Deal With Overplucked Brows

“Well, you definitely want to get some good brow fill in. Second, hands off! Put the tweezers away. It’s one of the hardest things to do – grow out your eyebrows. I do also recommend a little bit of Rogaine on a Q-tip, two per cent over the counter. Augments a little bit of growth. So, get that happening, get the growth started right away ’cause let’s get those brows back naturally.

Then a really good brow fill in. A lot of brow colours come with two colours, which perplexes a lot of women: a darker one and a lighter one. The darker is for the outer part of the brow as the hair tapers off and becomes lighter, and the lighter is for where you have hair, therefore creating a uniform-coloured brow. Brush them out, do your best fill-in job. Try not to go for rainbows, you know, try to follow the natural curve.

And if all else fails, get help. Go to your local beauty store or call a makeup artist. They only have to show you once and then you’ll be good to go and you won’t be walking around looking permanently surprised.”