Wrinkle and acne relief with local line of ‘skin bark’ skincare

Vancouver’s Lavigne Organic Skincare delivers with organic line of anti-aging skincare treatments.  

Credit: Lavigne Organic Skincare

Lavigne Organic Skincare

Vancouver’s Lavigne Organic Skincare uses ‘skin tree’ anti-aging skincare treatment to help you save face


Have you ever heard of a “skin tree” native to Mexico that produces a special bark extract called tepezcohuite (pronounced ‘tep-ez-co-heety’)? It’s actually an ingredient that some trace back to the ancient Mayans; it’s non-toxic, a cellular regenerator and an antibacterial 300 percent more effective than streptomycin (a tuberculosis medication that is now being used as anti-aging for the face). For those of us that need some facial healing, tepezcohuite promises to be our new-age saviour salve.


The good news is that Vancouver-based Lavigne Organic Skincare uses this extract as the main ingredient. I had the chance to sample the line (courtesy of the company, thanks!) and I was pleasantly surprised.


First of all, can I say “zit, be gone”? While I would’ve been happy to reduce a few lines and dull some of the redness I experience after exercise, what I noticed was that my one GIANT blemish cleared up almost completely the day after I tried the Clearmagic Mist ($12.50). The toner’s Canadian Willowherb helps soothe any inflammation, acne and irritation, and the Himalayan Crystal salt gives the spritz a little kick. The mist can be used over cosmetics and it’s scent-free.

Lavigne Organics



Available online and in stores, including Famous Foods, Drive Organics, Nature Living Health, Finlandia Natural Pharmacy, Nature’s Prime Nutrition, Choices Markets and Nesters.


While there are many great local organic skincare lines, like Juliets Room and Sugarcane–and I do try to use organic products when I can–I shy away from using organic facial creams. In the past, I’ve had major reactions to some of the products. Except for my favourite lines called Kiss My Face and Suki Pure, none were worth the big bucks.


However, with Lavigne Organics’s Plump and Firm Tri-Active Peptide Cream ($40), the story is different. The whipped texture of the cream and the botanical scent was interesting. My glowing skin the next day was too beautiful not to show off!


I also loved the Botanical Cleanser ($18.50), a gel cleanser that is light and scented with lavender and chamomile. It took all the makeup off my face and didn’t leave it feeling dry, too oily or too tight. For a facial wash, I’d give it the thumbs up. It costs more than I’d usually spend on similar products, but let’s not forget—we’re buying local so our money has more impact on the local economy.


Last on trial was the Intensive Eye Cream ($55). If the price point is not an issue, you’ll really enjoy the fresh and peppery scent of the cream, the light texture and the clever design of the dispenser. (Don’t you love a pretty pump bottle once in awhile?) Besides, the cream boasts more than 10 ingredients like sunflower oil, shea butter, arnica and wild yam to ensure deep hydration, smoothing of fine lines and reduced puffiness. 


Yes, there are many organic skincare lines to choose from. For me, I always consider things like price, the ingredients, ethical factors, packaging, texture and scent, and the results before recommending a product. Lavigne Organic skincare delivers in all categories. 


Lavigne also makes a spa line and a pet line. The spa line features a body contouring kit $73 that looks interesting, and for your pets, there is a magic balm that promises to help heal their wounds and skin reactions.


What do you think? Is an organic skincare line worth the splurge? Do you have a favourite local organic skincare line?  Leave me a comment.