10 Statement Necklaces to Elevate Any Outfit

These showstopper statement necklaces will have you drooling jewels

Credit: J. Crew

Necklaces are getting bigger and bolder, making a statement all their own. Here are some of our favourites

If you buy only one investment accessory this season, make it a statement necklace. This lovely little bauble will elevate nearly any outfit, helping to stretch your existing wardrobe by transforming prosaic into pretty.

Even better is that they look best when worn in unexpected ways, clashing with conventional preconceptions of when and how to wear jewellery. Keep things modern by chucking out those rules and pairing a blindingly sparkly number with a casual chambray shirt, or tossing an ornate and colourful bib over a graphic tee.

When buying one, remember to have fun. This is a playful, whimsical trend, so don’t overthink it. Really, the best outfits always seem to incorporate a statement necklace in imaginative and surprising ways.

Here are 10 of the season’s most beautiful and creative necklaces.

Credit: J. Crew

Butterfly Wing, J. Crew, $178

J. Crew’s Butterfly Wing necklace is made of colourful hand-cut stones and glass arranged in an abstract butterfly-wing pattern. This chunky-yet-delicate necklace is perfect for summertime minimalist outfits, when shorts and a tee need just a little something to keep the outfit from being too safe and predictable.

Available at J. Crew in-store and online, $178.

Credit: Rebecca Rawlinson

100 Year collection, Lulu Frost, $795

Even if you don’t have a girl crush on Olivia Palermo (impossible!), there’s no denying her sartorial mastery. You can’t go wrong taking style cues from this ever-chic woman, and she’s given her seal of approval to Lulu Frost.

This Lulu Frost necklace is from the “100 Year” collection, featuring original broaches from 100 years ago. The Frost family has actually been in the estate jewellery business for generations, and current designer, Lisa Salzer, takes one-of-a-kind vintage elements and reworks them by hand into modern classics.

Available at Rebecca Bree, 3680 W. 4th Avenue, 604.714.0085, $795.

Credit: Irit Sorokin

Wearable Art, Irit Sorokin, $190

This stunning necklace by local Vancouver artist, Irit Sorokin, features heat-treated quartz and a gold-filled chain. Irit’s work is based on the principle of “wearable art” and typically includes found organic materials, making each piece of jewelry an original.

Heat-treating quartz transforms them into stones with a natural brilliance and lustre you could easily assume was artificial – but it’s all real! This is a necklace that will fetch you second (envious) looks. It’s a chunky but well balanced accessory, and definitely one of a kind.

Available at House of Jewels, 953 Nicola Street (West End, just off Robson), 604.662.7360, $190.

Credit: Design Glut

World Links, $75

The very clever World Links necklace was designed by two twenty-something graduates from the Pratt Institute. There’s nothing like the bright, shiny optimism of college students, as evidenced by this homage to world peace: all the continents of our world united. Symbolism aside, it’s also a beautiful, graphic piece full of asymmetrical lines and fluid shapes.

Available in silver- or gold-finish at Walrus, 3408 Cambie Street, $75.

Credit: Banana Republic

Dahlia Bouquet, $155

The Dahlia Bouquet necklace features a scrumptious collection of large but delicate shiny blue flowers, with each petal finished off with a tiny dot of gold. There are subtle shades of rich blue, to give it depth in addition to its incredible texture. This is definitely not meant for wallflowers. This is a bold statement that will fetch you plenty of admiring glances, so start practicing your coy, “Oh, this old thing?” look.

Available in-store and online at Banana Republic, $155.

Credit: House of Harlow

Five Station, $85

This is the now near-iconic Five Station necklace from House of Harlow 1960 (14k gold-plated with white pebbled leather inserts). Very few celebrity-turned-designers actually produce anything not eye-rollingly hideous, but Nicole Richie has some pretty decent design chops. Her line of jewellery is trendy without being been-there-done-that, and her modern take on tribal is spot-on. This necklace, in particular, is elegant, substantial and very contemporary, and the juxtaposition of the deeply angular lines against the lightness of the colour make this an exciting piece.

Available at Wear Else stores, $85.

Credit: Rebecca Rawlinson

Flora II, $350

The stunning Flora II necklace is the type of accessory you build an outfit around. And, bonus, it comes from local Vancouverite Amanda He. Her jewellery line, Rocaille, fuses cherished objects with precious materials to create a bold and eclectic look. This necklace is both those things, with its chunky gold chain anchored by large vintage pendants from the 1940s. The asymmetry gives it a touch of whimsy, keeping it fun and fresh.

Available at Rebecca Bree, 3680 W. 4th Avenue, (604.714.0085), $350.

Credit: Zara

Beaded Necklace, Zara, $39.90

This is the perfect neutral, goes-with-everything statement necklace. The oversized pearls surrounded by both gold and silver baubles will give any outfit a feminine and breezy update. This is a fun accessory that will transition very well into the holiday season.

Available in-store and online at ZARA, $39.90

Credit: H&M

Bib Necklace, H&M, $49.95

Deceptively simple, this type of wide necklace is brilliant for transforming necklines into something spectacular. It looks great with a simple tank or tee, and especially with a strapless dress. Because these types of bib necklaces lay very flat against the body, it’s almost as if they become part of the outfit itself. This black and gold one offers perfect contrast against bright colours.

Available at H&M stores, $49.95.

Credit: J. Crew

Crystal Flower Necklace, J. Crew, $202

This pretty crystal necklace features a dainty chain of large flowers made from Czech glass. Each bloom is unique, giving this piece a bespoke feel. The earthy, muted colours help ground it, giving it a more sophisticated look. All flowers need not be girly!

Available at J. Crew in-store and online, $202.