7 Must-have Fall 2013 Fashions

It's time to ditch your light, bright summer wardrobe for fall's hottest trends

Yes, the end of summer can be sad, but with fall’s silver lining looking a lot like cashmere, ankle boots and slouchy jeans, what’s not to look forward to?

This season’s darker days bring with them cozier clothes, more structured styles and beautiful boots!

Most of all, this season is full of fun trends you can tailor to your personal style. So take a look at these 7 trends for fall and pick your new favourites.

The Fall Palette

Put away your bright tanks and tees and choose a muted palette for fall.

Go head to toe in the ultra-chick black and white combo. A classic pairing that’s good for any occasion, this look is easy to put together. To keep it interesting, mix in some pieces that do black and white in a pattern, like this outfit from Banana Republic.

Deep blues, ranging anywhere from a dark navy to a royal blue, have replaced last year’s ubiquitous purple. This blue blazer with gold buttons from RW&Co. does the transition from summer to fall perfectly. Pair it with a black and white piece to cover two trends in one.

Grey is the hue dominating this fall’s crop of coats, suits and sweaters. Look for greys in heavier fabrics, like this knit sweater from H&M, and spice up your outfit by pairing grey with leather, pattern or dark colours.

Cashmere Sweaters

Stay cozy this fall in a cashmere sweater. Loose and boxy, like this pink one from Joe Fresh, this season’s sweaters sit away from your body, making them perfect for layering.

Pair this garment with a classic button-up shirt, like Joe Fresh did above, or wear it on its own to enjoy the softness of the fabric.

Throw on a pair of skinny pants with this sweater, or choose a shorter, textured skirt to complete the outfit.

Bold Shoulders

Shoulders are the focal point this fall, so look for pieces adorned with shoulder embellishments.

Club Monaco does this style perfectly, with a light grey sweater with shearling shoulder detail. Or choose the cashmere sweater, available in camel, burgundy and black, with ribbed leather shoulder pads.

Borrowing from the Boys

Take a little inspiration from the men in your life and opt for pieces that embrace a slouchier feel.

Start with loose fitting jeans, like these ones from the Gap, and roll up the bottoms to just above your ankle. Next, throw on a fitted button-up blouse. Choose one with pattern to add some visual interest, like this one from Joe Fresh.

Next, choose a double-breasted blazer with strong shoulders and a boxy fit, like this one from Aritzia. This piece will be a great addition to your closet and will look good with almost any outfit.

Finish off your menswear look with chunky oxfords, like these burgundy leather ones from La Canadienne. And what’s a men’s style outfit without a thick watch? This black-faced one from Aldo does the trick.

Skirt Suits

Skirts win over pants this fall, with grey suits beating out black.

Banana Republic does an excellent suit jacket in tweed, but go the extra mile and find a full suit in this fabric for a real fall vibe.

Choose long pencil skirts that graze just above the knee, like this one from RW&Co., pairing it with a matching structured jacket. Throw on a silky blouse underneath to add that feminine touch.

This suit is so versatile you can also pair the skirt with a chunky sweater and ditch the jacket completely.

Credit: Aldo

Ankle Boots

This season, boot heights run the gamut – the over-the-knee boot continues to be popular, but the ankle boot is making headlines.

This short boot is incredibly versatile. It can be worn with skirts, dresses, pants and even shorts, if the weather is warm enough.

Choose a soft leather in a neutral colour, like this gorgeous tan boot from Aldo. This is footwear you’ll be sure to wear almost every day.

The Messy Eye

The disheveled look is definitely in this season, particularly when it comes to eye makeup.

To get the look, gloss over your lids with a clear lip gloss, like this one from NARS, after applying your desired eye shadow colour.

Experts say to use the lip gloss on your cheekbones to add sheen as well, but this is entirely up to you.

Then, apply a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lid and a thick line underneath your eye. Use an eyeliner with a smudge tool, like these eyeliners from Covergirl, and smudge the eyeliner that’s underneath your eye to make it thick and uneven.

Rather than choosing a dark lip colour, “tone down” this look by applying that clear gloss on your lips as well.