7 Sizzling Summer Sunglasses

Protect your peepers in style this summer with sunglasses that reflect your sunny disposition

Credit: Flickr/Christian Schnettelker

From basic black to patterned shades, this season’s sunglasses let your sunny personality shine through

Whether or not your future is bright, you gotta wear shades in the summertime. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but they’ve also become an essential accessory and an extension of your style.

So choose sunnies that add to your summer outfit as much as the right shoes or handbags do. Whether you opt for classic black or a perfectly patterned pair, your sunglasses should shine a little light on your summer spirit.

Classic Frames

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of classic black frames. This large, round style, like this pair from Forever 21, makes quite the statement.

Pair these flatter sunglasses with a little black dress, colourful heels and pinned back hair for a modern Audrey Hepburn look.

Credit: le Chateau/H&M


Aviators aren’t just for Tom Cruise. Women have been rocking this style for a while, so your purchase is guaranteed to stay current for years to come.

Le Chateau offers this style with reflective lenses, while H&M’s option has a nice contrast between the dark lenses and the gold frame.

Give this sleek style a try with a simple white tee and jeans.


Another style made popular by actors, The Ray-Ban suits most women effortlessly.

You can stick with the original black Ray-Ban, or kick it up a notch and choose a pair of frames with colour and pattern, both available at the Sunglass Hut.

Throw on Ray-Ban shades with a flirty summer dress for a contrasting look.

The New Ray-Ban

There have been knock-offs for years, but this season a twist has been added to copycat Ray-Ban sunglasses. The frames have ditched the wide, square look for a narrower and rounder style. These frames are a little softer, but also offer a trendier edge to a classic style.

Try a pair with a subtle pattern, like these ones from Aldo, or opt for a two-toned look with these sunglasses from Forever 21.

These frames would top off an outfit of tailored shorts and a silky floral blouse perfectly.

Cat’s Eyes

This retro 1950s shape can feel a bit daring, but the flirty look is all the rage. You can keep it simple with a pair that has a subtle pattern, like this pair from Urban Outfitters, or with these Forever 21 shades in black.

Add these bold frames to a maxi skirt and a printed tank for a high-fashion look.

Round Frames

Round-framed sunglasses have been popular for several seasons now, and show no sign of disappearing anytime soon. So this year, add a little flavour and choose a pair with some personality. These frames from Urban Outfitters have taken the open bottom and flipped it to the top to create a unique look.

Urban Outfitters has also added a punch of colour to this thin-framed pair, giving them a 1970s throwback.

If you want to go for the full retro look, pair these sunglasses with florals or acid-wash jeans.


The half-frame is a fantastic choice if you want to wear something less bulky. Classics like these will never go out of style, but you can always add a twist.

Choose a pair with colour, like these ones from Aldo.

Pattern and a subtle cat’s eye frame give these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters an edge.

Sunny Inspiration

And when the weather doesn’t call for sun, wear your shades more decoratively with these earrings from Urban Outfitters. But remember, they won’t protect your ears from UVA and UVB rays.