Belted vintage in Vancouver

Vancouver's Giulia Fatica upcycles old leather jackets into kimono-style belts.

Credit: Becky Gavigan

Vancouver’s Giulia Fatica turns old leather jackets and scarves into one-of-a-kind kimono-style belts


With a life passion of creating “beautiful things for the body,” Giulia Fatica puts a creative spin on the lowly belt, employing recycled materials and a fibre arts degree from Alberta College of Art and Design.


Her kimono-style leather belts are reversible and made from recycled vintage leather, which she salvages from old leather jackets, and vintage fabrics from blouses, ties and dresses in sophistocated silks and retro polyesters.


She also makes unique scarves from a technique she discovered while in art school, involving the sewing together of simple strands of thread and yarn.


VIDEO: Giulia Fatica on her work and the indie Vancouver market

Watch this short video where she describes her process and offers tips to other wannabe crafters, from the November 2009 Make It! Vancouver craft fair.

Video created by Becky Gavigan