BFREND Friendship Bracelets Bring a Touch of Class to a Classic Accessory

Friendship bracelets have come a long way, baby, and these handmade gems from Vancouver's Monika Hobbs give the classic accessory a new lease on life

Credit: Monika Hibbs

BFREND friendship bracelets are handmade in Vancouver and available on Etsy

Friendship bracelets are back, and a Vancouver designer’s unique take on the retro accessory has hit it big around the world

Vancouver blogger Monika Hibbs of the Doctor’s Closet has spun friendship bracelets into a fledgling business. When Hibbs began weaving the jewelery favoured by tweens, she didn’t anticipate how popular her unique, handmade bracelets would be.

She started off wanting to put her spin on the trend of stacking friendship bracelets, and began experimenting with her own style, which led to the creation of her classic Cobra design. She posted a few bracelets to give away on her blog, The Doctor’s Closet (and it’s not just a cute website name, Hibbs actually has her medical degree.) The giveaway was so popular that BFREND was born.

Classy and Brassy: BFREND Friendship Bracelets

The bracelets are created from gold base metal and plastic lacing, and Hibbs makes each bracelet herself by cutting the chain and plastic lacing, then weaving the Cobra stitch, putting the finishing touches and packaging for shipment. Her production time literally depends on how fast her fingers can move that day.

The BFREND line’s popularity has expanded into different colours and styles; the classic Cobra is available in white, blue, neon green, black and hot pink, and there’s also a few Tassel styles, a gold chain with two tassels hanging off, and the COCO, made with pearls.

Global Success on Etsy

BFREND’s Etsy shop is very popular, which means Hibbs needs some helping hands to fulfill orders that are pouring in from all over Canada and the US, as well international shoppers in France, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Dubai and Peru.

She recently collaborated with Vancouver jewellery designer Elsa Corsi to create a luxe woven friendship bracelet combined with handcrafted Swarovski crystals. At $174, it’s not priced for the playground, but would make a great gift for a childhood friend who you once exchanged old-school friendship bracelets with.