Boris Wertz of Nexopia

I'm originally from Germany, and in Germany you wear suits to work.

Credit: Peter Holst

You’ve got the layered look going on up top. Is that your thing?
Yes, that’s pretty much how I dress on a normal basis for work, except for when it’s formal dress, and then I’d wear a suit.

Your jeans fit well. Where’d you get them?
I got the jeans at The Gap in San Francisco. The shirt I bought in Italy, and the blazer is from Spain. It’s a good mix of West Coast and Europe.

And the shoes?

I got them in Italy in a small shoe store in Lucca, in Tuscany. I’ve been wearing them quite often since then because I really like them.

The casual blazer can be a tough look to pull off. How’d you do it?
I don’t wear one every day, but for me it’s usually a combination of comfy clothes and also looking for a little bit formal. I’m originally from Germany, and in Germany you wear suits on a daily basis to work, while here on the West Coast you’re much more relaxed, so I really adapted my style to a mixture of West Coast with some European style to add a little formal from time to time, but not too much formal.

What is one of your daily dressing rules?
In the end, I think it’s what nicely fits together. I wear a lot of jeans, so the big decisions are limited to the shirt and the shoes, so from that point of view it’s a little easier.

How has your look evolved over the years?
I’ve been very much influenced by the move from Europe to the West Coast. When I came here, suddenly I didn’t have to wear a suit anymore, so it’s much more relaxed.